Choosing the best boiler servicing company

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Choosing the Best Boiler Servicing Company

With so many engineers and different plumbing companies out there, finding the best is no small feat. Luckily, you’re not alone. Thousands of others are also looking too. It only natural for each and every company to, in some way, shape or form advertise that their company is the best. The problem is, knowing who actually is. 

It’s a confusing situation, especially when considering the diversity in the varying prices, especially if you’re trying to track down the best boiler service in London or other larger cities.

So, in this article we’ll be guiding you through the different steps you should be taking in order for you to navigate the chaos that is searching for a professional plumber and avoid  shoddy craftsmanship, the scammers and rogue traders out there.

Narrow Down Your Search Area

With larger cities like London you’ll be swamped with thousands of tradesmen offering you their services. The first thing you can do to simplify your options is to narrow down your search radius. This will leave you with a smaller number of local options, among them some of the best operating in your area.

If you live in East London for example, you should be looking for the best companies operating within that specific area. You can do this through using the many online platforms like Checkatrade, where you can check out different service providers and also look at their reviews.

Consider Their Level of Experience

Once you’ve narrowed down your search radius you want to start considering the level of experience each provider has. When the options seem relative and the pricing competitive, the best choice is to go with someone based on the amount of years they’ve been trading. 

Typically, the length of their service should positively correlate to their expertise and is often coupled with high levels of technical knowledge, having spent a considerable amount of time within the field. It’s rather self explanatory  that you don’t want to hand the most crucial appliance in your household to a novice.

Check Out The Customer Care Policy

We think it’s fair to say, a service without a good customer care policy backing it up isn’t a service at all. So before you consider hiring someone for the job, make sure to have a thorough look at the provided customer care policy. A legit service provider will even have a good guarantee policy to ensure you’re left satisfied. 

If the terms don’t live up to your expectations chances are the workmanship won’t either, so sealing up the deal won’t be a good idea. Moreover, it will also indicate the mindset of the company and you’ll be able to determine for yourself if they are customer focused or not.

Check Out The Prices

It goes without saying… Always check out each plumber’s pricing. Bearing in mind the two most important things when it comes to cost.

  1. The cheapest is probably the worst, it’s cheap for a reason.
  2. The most expensive, isn’t always the best.

Now with these two major facts in mind, collect quotes from each boiler service company and then compare the prices. Correlate this with customer reviews on each and also ask a neighbour or friend for their opinion. If it’s positive both online and in your friends point of view, you might be on to a winner.

It should also be mentioned as an extra precaution, never take a quote over the phone, or if you do make sure you’ve got it in writing too. It’ll save you a lot of trouble down the line from misunderstandings. 

Check Their Accreditations

A truly reputable gas safe engineer has partook all the required training needed to become so and should be fully accredited. Therefore, they should easily be able to produce a badge on which their picture and gas registration number appears. 

This point we can’t stress enough as it will save you from the “jack of all trades” and scammers who might not be compliant with all the safety precautions that should be taken when dealing with boilers or be able to provide a gas safety cp12 certificate if required. 

Make Sure Their Insured

An effective insurance policy from your service provider is your best bet against any damage that may occur during the repair/installation process. Considering the fact that boiler servicing and repairing is a delicate process, you want to keep yourself covered from any costs just in case it all goes “south”.

Check Their Working Hours

Another big thing you need to keep in mind are their working hours. This not only highlights the company’s working ethic but also their commitment to the provision of service. A well-established organisation will most probably work around the clock and always on hand in emergencies. As the boiler can exhibit issues at any second, a good boiler service provider should be ready to help you any time. 

Top Things to Beware of…

  • Always beware of hiring an engineer who refuses to show their gas safe ID or aren’t listed in the gas safe register.
  • Always be cautious of someone advertising himself as the jack of all trades (as mentioned already).
  • Be dubious of those who ask for cash upfront. A legit tradesman should provide you with a clear and detailed quote beforehand and an invoice after the jobs complete.

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