Souvenirs from around the world for your home

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Souvenirs from Around the World for Your Home

Travelling to different countries around the world offers amazing experiences, opportunities, adventures and sights. Often when we return home from a trip, it’s nice to bring back a little souvenir or memento of the place we’ve visited.

In this article, we look at some of the best souvenirs from around the world for your home. These souvenirs can be great for decorating your walls and shelves as unique reminders of your travels.

Fans from Japan

Japanese-style fan

Visiting Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, is on many peoples’ bucket lists and for good reason. Whether it’s visiting Shinto shrines, eating sushi from conveyor belts, training in karate, watching sumo wrestling, riding the bullet train or seeing snow monkeys, there’s a lot of amazing experiences waiting for you in Japan.

So what can you bring home with you as a nice reminder of your trip to Japan? What better than a traditional Japanese fan with a style that suits you and your home?

Mayan Masks from Guatemala

Mayan Masks. Image credit: Dr. Shay Srivastava

Are you looking to explore Mayan Ruins? How about hiking up a volcano? Or even riding in a chicken bus? If so, Guatemala needs to be on your bucket list.

One amazing souvenir you can bring back with you from Guatemala is a traditional Mayan mask. These beautiful masks can look great on the wall, on a shelf or in a cabinet.

Boomerangs from Australia

Boomerangs for sale

Visiting Australia is a no-brainer for keen travelers. Seeing Sydney Harbour Bridge, driving the Great Ocean Road and watching turtles hatch in Queensland are just a few examples of the amazing experiences Australia has to offer.

So what can you bring back from Australia for your home? Boomerangs, originally used for hunting but now for sport or display, are a great choice. Having been around for thousands of years, these tools work well as authentic souvenirs.

Paintings from France

Eiffel Tower in France

With world-renowned art museums like The Louvre and Petit Palais, Paris is known as one of the world’s best cities for art. France is also a fantastic country to visit for attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Seine river and the Mont Saint-Michel.

Considering the artistic culture of France, bringing back a painting for your home is an ideal way to round off your trip.

Russian Dolls from Russia

Russia is a huge country that has a lot to offer for travelers and adventurers. Some of the most recommended things to do when visiting Russia include visiting religious sites, tasting traditional Russian food and experiencing Russia’s natural country and wildlife.

Matryoshka dolls, AKA Russian dolls, are sets of wooden dolls that sit inside each other. They’re unique and beautifully crafted. A perfect choice for a souvenir.

Your Bucket List

Souvenirs from around the world are fantastic but the real reason to travel is to experience different places, sights, cultures, activities and atmospheres.

Are the countries above on your bucket list? Where else would you like to go? What else would you like to see?

The team at BookitList can help you to plan and experience everything on your bucket list – taking it from fantasy to reality.


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