Ideas for converting a spare room

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Ideas For Converting A Spare Room

Do you have a spare room in your home, sitting there empty and collecting dust? If so you’re in the right place to get some inspiration for what you can do with your empty spare room.

Of course, the main challenge in converting a spare bedroom into a useful and functional space is deciding what you want to convert the space into, which often leaves these spare rooms sitting empty while you think through all the possibilities.

However, there are a few popular ideas which are commonly used when converting a spare room, so to make the process easier for you, we have collated some of the more common conversions to help inspire you to begin your conversion and transform your dull empty spaces into vibrant and functional rooms.

Use It As A Guest Room

The simplest conversion you can make with a spare room in your home is a guest bedroom. Bedrooms are incredibly simple to set up and most spare rooms were originally intended to be used as bedrooms, so here the conversion really makes sense.

To convert your home’s spare room into a guest bedroom, you’ll need to add some appropriate furniture to the room, firstly you’ll need a bed for your guest to sleep in (or a sofa bed if you want to also use the room as a second lounge), some blackout blinds or curtains to keep the room dark at night and a few handy items like a bedside table for your visitors.

Create A Home Cinema Room

This next conversion is a tad more complicated, but you can convert your home’s spare room into your very own home cinema room. To make a quality home cinema room, you will need to have a decent sized budget to allow you to get everything you need.

When undertaking the conversion your first priority in your home cinema should be the audio-visual equipment such as a TV screen/projector and sound system, where possible you want top of the line gear to enhance your experience. From there you’ll want to invest in Total Blackout Cassette Blinds to get a cinema level darkness in the room and some comfortable seating to give your home cinema an authentic theatre feel.

Add An Extra Bathroom 

This conversion will likely be the most complicated one to pull off but can be by far the most useful conversion of a spare room, especially in a busy household. Converting your home’s spare room into an additional bathroom will help ease congestion in your current bathroom, increase your home’s value and help give you added privacy.

Converting a spare room into an extra bathroom for your home can be done DIY but is often best left to experts due to the plumbing and electrical work necessary to ensure the space is safe. Depending on the size of the room you can create a full bathroom, half bathroom or a wet room and depending on the room’s placement it could be turned into an en-suite for another room in your home.

Create A Private Work Out Space

This conversion is ideal for people who are into their fitness and wellbeing, especially if they’re not fond of public gyms. You can create your own private home gym or workout space in your home’s unused spare room.

The first thing you’ll want to do is lay down appropriate flooring, laminate or vinyl flooring is the best option as they’re strong enough to not be indented and soft enough that a fall won’t hurt you. From there you should add equipment that you need to the space, such as a yoga mat, weight bench or treadmill. To give the room a real gym feel, you could also add a large mirror to a wall much like actual gyms do.

Make A Home Office Space

This final conversion is perfect for people who currently or intend to work from their home rather than an office. With only a few changes, you can convert your unused spare room into a fully functional home office space for you to work in.

Turning a spare room into a home office will mostly require changes in furniture to create a serviceable office. You’ll need to add a desk and chair to the room to get your office started, from there you can adapt the space to your needs, such as adding a small sofa if you’ll be taking meetings at home, or installing a coffee machine if you need caffeine to effectively work.


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