Hiring painters for your home or diy?

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Hiring Painters for Your Home or DIY?

When the time comes to give your home a facelift with a fresh coat of paint, homeowners are often faced with a daunting question: Should I paint my house myself or hire a professional? 

If you’ve been wondering whether you can paint your own house interior, or if tackling the exterior is a feasible DIY project, this article will guide you through the decision-making process.

Let’s dive in!

The Appeal of DIY Painting

For many, the idea of painting yourself vs hiring a painter is enticing. 

The thought of taking on a project in your own space, experiencing the gratification of a job done by your own hands, has numerous appealing elements. Furthermore, can I paint my house myself? is a question fueled by the prospect of potential cost savings. 

The answer is yes, many homeowners can paint their own house interior and exterior with the right tools and some preparation.

But the real question is, is it worth it to paint your house yourself?

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Painter

While DIY projects can be rewarding, the benefits of hiring a professional painter are numerous:

Expertise and Equipment

Professionals come with years of experience, top-notch tools, and specialised techniques that ensure a flawless finish. 

They are especially helpful when dealing with high ceilings or intricate woodwork. 

Rule of thumb: For rooms with intricate details or two-story exteriors, it might be best to hire a painter.

Time Savings

Do most people paint their own house? Not really. 

Many homeowners are deterred by the time commitment, especially for larger projects. 

When considering painting the entirety of your home, think about how your free time will be impacted.


Especially for homes with multiple stories, professionals come equipped with the necessary ladders and safety equipment. 

There’s no need to question if you should paint your own house exterior when safety is a concern.

Preparation and Cleanup

If walls need repair or prep work before painting, a professional can handle it efficiently. Similarly, the post-painting cleanup is often more detailed with a pro.

Cost Efficiency in Some Cases

While it may seem that doing it yourself will save money, the cost of buying all supplies and the potential need for multiple coats (in the case of drastic colour changes) can add up.

Cost Comparison: DIY Painting vs. Hiring a Professional

To understand the cost differences between professionals vs DIY painting better, let’s put things into perspective with a more detailed comparison, using a single room as an example:

Professional Painting

  1. Labour Costs: Assuming a professional might charge around £250 to paint a bedroom, labour could constitute up to £200 of that amount.
  2. Materials: A professional might use higher-end paints, costing around £50 for the room. They often get discounts, but this is passed into the total charge.
  3. Equipment and Tools: Typically factored into labour costs but if separated, they might account for around £20 for wear and tear, replacements, etc.
  4. Prep and Cleanup: Included in the labour costs.

Total for Professional Painting: Approximately £270.

DIY Painting

  1. Materials: Buying a mid-range paint might cost you around £30 for the room.
  2. Tools and Equipment: Assuming you don’t own any painting tools, an initial investment might include: Brushes & Rollers: £15, Drop Cloths: £10, Painter’s Tape: £5.
  3. Prep Supplies: Spackle and sandpaper might set you back another £10.
  4. Time: If you spend 12 hours (spread across two days) and value your time at £10 an hour, that’s an added cost of £120.
  5. Mistakes: Hard to quantify, but let’s assume you make a minor mistake, requiring an additional paint purchase, setting you back another £10.

Total for DIY Painting: Approximately £200 (excluding the value of your time) or £320 (including the value of your time.

Costs Summary

While DIY seems cheaper at first, when you factor in the value of your time and potential for errors, the cost can approach, match, or even surpass that of hiring a professional

It’s important to get quotes, consider the scope of the job, and evaluate your comfort and skill level when deciding which is the better route for you. 

This is particularly important in areas like London where prices for labour and materials can be double or more the country average. 

Questions You May Be Asking

Is it worth it to paint your house yourself?

While DIY projects can offer personal satisfaction, when you factor in time, potential mistakes, equipment costs, and safety concerns, hiring a professional might be more value for money.

How long does it typically take to paint a room?

For DIY, an average-sized room might take a weekend, considering prep, drying times, and potential second coats. Though some surveys have found this can be as much as up to 18 days

Professionals, with their experience, can often complete the job faster.

How often should I repaint my home’s exterior?

Typically, homes should be repainted every 5-10 years, but this can vary based on climate, paint quality, and the material of your home’s siding.

Do most people paint their own house?

It’s hard to say if most people paint their own house(s), but many do. 

Using a brush or a roller is within the capabilities of most people, the real question is whether they have the time and inclination to do it themselves, or whether they’d rather have someone else carry out the task. 

Final Thoughts

Navigating the decision between embarking on a DIY painting journey or bringing in professional expertise is a blend of personal ambition, budget considerations, and desired outcomes. 

While DIY projects can offer immense personal satisfaction and a sense of ownership, professionals bring to the table a finesse honed over many projects, ensuring durability and a polished finish.

Whether you opt to wield the brush yourself or hire an expert, the end goal remains the same: to rejuvenate and beautify your space. 

Whichever path you choose, may your walls reflect your aspirations, and may your home resonate with the colours of your dreams.


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