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Country Style Decor Tips

Choosing the look of your home can be a difficult task, everyone will like something different and you need to ensure that you have an overall theme with which to work. Once you’ve decided on a theme you might find a bit of flexibility in things which will suit. This month we’re going to take you through the Country Style decor which is popular this year. The look combines the light, neutral tones of country homes on the coast with a weathered look to add character.

Walls & Floors

You can’t think about one without taking care of the other. Your walls and floors make up a large portion of what the eye will see and while you want to create a fairly basic canvas to work on, you can still add some modern country home character. 

Walls should use vertical lines, so if you can afford old cream panelling then this will be the most authentic route. If you can’t afford proper wood panelling then there are plenty of wallpaper options which gives that rustic wood effect.

When choosing your carpet you should try to avoid going for the same colour as the wall, but stick to the light grey/cream palette. A heavy weave offers a shabby, comforting look while providing a sturdy base on which to place furniture. If you can’t afford this then simply choose a heavy weave rug to use as a centre piece.


When it comes to furniture you should go for slightly darker wood colours, so a charcoal grey or a brown will look best. If you can find furniture with a worn-look finish or dark bronze fittings this will add to the feel. Likewise, any wall furnishings can be darker, so clocks, artwork and your doors can add to the overall palette of the room.

If you’re feeling zesty and want a little more vibrancy to your room then try adding a dash of colours in lemon yellow or lime green. Small cushions, bits of artwork or even a vase of flowers will draw the eye in but won’t overrun the feel of the room as a whole.

Depending on what secondary colour you are going for you can liven up the room with any sofa, bed or linen pieces. Light blues and pale custard colours go well with the country style backdrop to give it a modern living feel.


As you’ve seen, colours are important when it comes to this design so ensure you choose 3-4 colours which all work well together and pick which ones you will use the most. The biggest use of colour should come from neutral browns, creams and greys to create the backdrop of your design, smaller additions of colours through soft furnishings and ornamental pieces can keep the room from looking too dull.

One consideration to bear in mind with this design is that normal uPVC windows might ruin the look. If you’re planning a complete overhaul it’s worth considering wooden windows, this can help match up to your furniture and provide the ultimate country style you seek.


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