Can you paint straight onto plasterboard?

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Can You Paint Straight Onto Plasterboard?

Plasterboard walls come with a host of great benefits, including being cost-effective and quick to install. Certain types of plasterboard are moisture and mould-resistant, while they are also versatile and can offer good sound resistance. If you have a bare plasterboard wall and are wondering, can you paint straight onto the plasterboard, this blog post is for you.

To start, the short answer is yes, you can paint onto a plasterboard. There are a number of steps you should follow to make sure that the finished wall looks great and offer lasting durability. Let’s get started.

painting onto plasterboard

Lay Down a Mist Coat First

When you make the decision to paint straight onto the plasterboard, the first thing you should do is lay down a mist coat. Put simply, a mist coat is a coat of emulsion watered down. Depending on the paint you’re using the best ratio for a mist coat is typically 1 part water to 2 parts paint. 

This mist coat will help to serve as a sealer, which soaks into the plasterboard and provides an excellent base on which to start painting. Once you have applied the mist coat, you will be able to paint with a regular emulsion as normally. For large, flat surfaces, it is recommended that you use a roller for the best application.

Apply Joint Filler

When painting onto plasterboard, it is important to ensure that you are painting onto a smooth surface. Painting straight onto the plasterboard does not require a skim coat, however, you should ensure that any imperfections and joints on the plasterboard are properly filled.

Obviously, one of the most difficult areas to get smooth with be the plasterboard joint. It may be necessary to sand down and reapply the filler so that you end up with a smooth finish on the joint.

Apply the Paint

Once you are happy that your plasterboard is ready (joints have been filled and a mist coat has been applied), you can begin painting. It is recommended that you apply 2 to 3 coats of paint until you are satisfied with the finished result and overall appearance of the wall.

The most suitable paint will depend on the specific situation. In the case of bathrooms, for example, it is best to use waterproof paint given the presence of moisture. A fire retardant paint may also be advised in certain cases, too. “Remember to check the instructions on how to best use these types of paints,” comments Ruban Selvanayagam of property buyers and refurbishers Property Solvers

Can You Paint Straight Onto Plasterboard?

For those wondering can you paint straight onto plasterboard, the bottom line is yes. There are a few first steps that you should take before painting plasterboard, though the overall process is generally quick and straightforward.

In cases where you have finished applying paint and can still see the plasterboard joints, the best solution is the sand down the seam and re-apply both the mist coat and the paint.Like this blog post on how to paint plasterboard? Be sure to check out our other informative articles on a wide range of interesting topics.


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