Add the finishing touches to your decor with beautifully dressed windows

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Add The Finishing Touches To Your Decor With Beautifully Dressed Windows

Hanging curtains is often the last element of a new decor, the finishing touch that most likely matches the rest of the scheme. How the window looks, however, can make or break the scheme so it’s worth giving it that little bit of extra attention.

Look at the Windows

Windows, particularly large ones, make a great focal point for a room so make sure they stand out. Rather than blending in and matching the rest of the room, why not allow them to lead the way? Create a bold statement with the window dressing for a memorable, stylish theme.

Perhaps it is the view that is the statement. If so, use your curtains/dressing to ‘frame’ what’s beyond the window. Add some comfy seating and you could find yourself in an area that’s difficult to pull yourself away from. Get some great inspiration for dressing your windows from Houzz.

Focus on Fabric

Whether you choose patterned or plain fabric for your curtains, make sure you pick an accent colour for cushions or rugs to tie the whole scheme together. Choosing the fabric is just the start.

The Different types of Curtains

Tape Top Curtains

A traditional option. Tape runs across the top of the curtain with rows of string allowing the curtain to be gathered creating pleats. Hooks go through the tape and then hang onto a track running above the window.

Eyelet Top Curtains

A more contemporary look. These have holes in the top of the curtain that allow it to thread directly over the pole. It creates a simple look where the curtains hang in ‘waves’ rather than pleats created by tape tops.

Net Curtains

Quite old-fashioned these days, though still good for maintaining privacy. They allow light through, at the cost of disrupting the view. They are great for windows on ground floor levels beside roads however where the view isn’t that great anyway and you’d like to maintain privacy.

If you opt for eyelet top curtains, your pole will be on view so it is important to consider what it looks like. There are some very beautiful curtain tracks and poles around to complement the stunning fabrics available to complete your décor.


Think about what your curtains need to achieve – are they just to look pretty or do they need to stop people looking in? Perhaps you need blackout material for a bedroom? Do they need to keep out draughts?

Choosing curtains can be a daunting so do your research and plan ahead. Get some tips for how to get it right from Elle Decor.

For a very modern option, you might choose to avoid curtains altogether and instead opt for blinds. Venetian blinds in metal give an industrial look that it currently popular, or roller blinds can be made of the same fabric that you could have chosen curtains in – it depends on the look you want to achieve.

Whatever you choose to do with your windows, make sure it is a definite decision and not an afterthought.


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