5 inventive ways to decorate your walls

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5 Inventive Ways To Decorate Your Walls

The walls in your home are a great space to fill with unique decorations. From works of art to patterned wall hangings, there’s something to cover your walls and showcase your individual sense of style.

Whilst many homeowners focus on the furniture they place in their home, they often neglect to put time and energy into decorating their walls. As a result, they miss out on a unique opportunity to personalise their environment and create a space that really speaks to them and the way they want to live. 

Use this list to find some inspiration for wall decorations that will enhance your space and give you a unique look for this often-overlooked part of your home. 

Choose Creative Patterned Wallpapers

The colour and style of your walls will make a major difference to your room, its ambiance and even your mood. As such, it’s important that you choose wisely and find something creative and individual to cover your wall in. Wallpaper is a luxurious option that will add a touch of class to your walls, particularly if you choose a luxurious style such as velvet, or a classic pattern. It’s also incredibly versatile, so you can find a style, colour and pattern that will suit any room. 

Mirrors Are More Than Just Functional 

Mirrors are for more than just checking your hair or fixing your makeup in; they can also really improve the look of your room if you choose wisely. You can select a creatively shaped mirror, or even use a collection of small mirrors to create a unique effect on your walls. There are also a range of different frames and sizes of mirrors, meaning that you’ve got the chance to add an inventive solution to any room in your house. 

Hang Beautiful Works Of Art

Enhance your walls with a beautiful work of art. Choose something that appeals to your personal tastes and adds to the style of your room. For example, if you love nature and have created a tranquil, stylish oasis in your home, then consider hanging a majestic, colourful landscape on your wall. DK Macleod creates modern, vibrant Scottish landscape art, so you can add a pop of colour to your home or indulge in the range of wall decorations from Aspect Wall Art

Posters Aren’t Just For Kids

Posters aren’t just for teenagers who are obsessed with their favourite pop star anymore: today, they’re an inventive way to showcase your affiliation for a particular modern artist, musician or even political movement. You can get posters that cover your entire wall, or smaller options that will add a discreet style. 

Add Majestic Wall Hangings

A cute and inventive way to enhance a plain wall is to add a fabric wall hanging. Whether you choose a traditional tapestry or a creative macramé product, you’ll be able to find a wall hanging that suits you and the existing style of your space. Wall hangings make rooms feel snug and cosy, so consider adding them to the rooms in your home where you spend the most time.


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