Save money with wall & loft insulation

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Save Money with Wall & Loft Insulation

Winter, or ‘heating season’ as it is known by the energy experts, is officially on its way. After a warm summer, it’s time to fire up the central heating – however, did you know that without efficient insulation, over half of your home’s heat can actually escape through your roof and walls? This is quite a drastic amount of heat loss when you consider how pricey those heating bills actually are.

One way of trapping that heat within the house is to make a short term investment for cavity wall and loft insulation which will have a long term gain on keeping your home warm as well as energy efficient.


What is Building insulation?

Building insulation can either by cavity wall insulation or loft insulation. Building insulation is one of the most effective ways to reduce heat loss from the home – while reducing those pricey energy bills too! According to the Energy Saving Trust 2013, over 100 annual savings on energy bills can be made per year for homes with quality insulation.

Insulating materials are placed within the cavities or hollow areas of a wall or around the loft. Insulation in cavity walls fills the gap between external walls – reducing the amount of warm air exiting the home. The majority of heat in the home can actually escape through the roof, loft insulation helps to reduce this, keeping warm air within the home.

A benefit to home insulation is that during the summer months, the restrictive barrier of insulation can also help keep your warm cool by preventing any warm air from entering the home.

Do I still need Central Heating with Building Insulation?

Yes, as insulation traps heat within the home, you will need a heating source to create this warmth. One of the most energy efficient ways of heating your home is to install a circulator pump. Heating circulator pumps, or central heating pumps as they are more popularly known, circulate warmth around the home.

If you have building insulation, the most energy efficient of circulator pumps to choose from is an on-demand heating pump. The great thing about on-demand heating pumps is that they adapt to your home’s energy usage, meaning that you only get heat when you need it – reducing those winter energy bills even further.


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