Conservatory insulation costs in 2022

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Conservatory Insulation Costs in 2022

Warm spring or autumn days in the UK are ideal for relaxing in a conservatory. It offers a comfortable area to sit out of the wind. 

However, without ventilation in the summer and temperatures often exceeding 20 degrees Celsius, it can be extremely unpleasant. In the winter, though, the conservatory becomes excessively cold. So, why not insulate your roof as you do the rest of your house?

Depending on the material and size, the typical cost of conservatory insulation is about £400/m2. A new opaque roof, on the other hand, costs about £800/m2, which is twice the price.

You might use opaque insulating materials to replace the conservatory roof. Furthermore, using lightweight materials rather than heavy ones eliminates the need to reinforce the structure’s frame or foundations. 

Alternatively, exterior reflecting panels might be installed on the existing glass roof. 

However, interior insulation is still required in both ways to decrease heat loss and avoid temperature extremes. Then, with a more welcoming conservatory, you may utilize it as you would any other room. This is just one of the many advantages of conservatory insulation.

This article examines how much to spend on internal conservatory roof insulation, the elements that influence its price, and answers common concerns from homeowners contemplating conservatory insulation.

Factors Influencing Conservatory Insulation Cost

When planning for the work, you must consider numerous aspects that influence conservatory insulation costs. 

In an uninsulated conservatory, the roof loses around 80% of the heat. As a result, the winter months can feel like you’re inside an igloo, whilst the summer months remain brutally hot.

Here are a few factors affecting the cost:

Is the Insulation Inside or outside?

It is important to consider insulation on both the outer and inner surfaces at the same time. In most cases, conservatory roof insulation is installed from the inside. 

External insulated panels, on the other hand, may be used to cover the glass, offering extra protection and insulation while also boosting the energy efficiency of the conservatory. 

Exterior reflective aluminium panels, on the other hand, are more costly than internal foil or wadding.

The size of the roof

The cost of insulation is determined by the size of the roof. A huge roof is more expensive than a tiny one as you would expect.

Material selection

The cheapest insulation approach is to use solar film to limit the sun’s influence, followed by wadding and aluminum foil. Finally, a solid roof is the most costly.


The cost of living varies by area in the United Kingdom. Labor expenses in Southeast England are typically 10 percent to 15 percent higher than elsewhere in the UK. So your location will directly impact the cost of the installation

The Conservatory’s purpose

The amount/type of insulation required could be determined by the use of the space. If it is a child’s playroom, office area, or living room that is used all year, it will require adequate insulation to keep the temperature consistent.

Can I DIY conservatory Insulation to save money?

You can insulate your conservatory yourself if you are a skilled do-it-yourselfer. The process is fairly complex though and brief instruction can be seen here:

  • Fix the existing conservatory frame with wood batons. To achieve a good fastening, you will need to utilize self-drilling UPVC screws.
  • Wrap foil insulation around the wood frame. This is easily accomplished with a competent staple gun and is quite simple to install. The foil insulation blankets that are utilized are very light.
  • To thoroughly seal your insulating blanket, overlap, and tape all of the joints.
  • Next, place additional batons on top of the insulation. If adding a plasterboard finish, arrange your wood batons to suit the boards. This will result in intervals that will enable you to connect boards without having to cut them. Typically, 400mm spacing is used. Unless you are utilizing 900mm boards, in which case 450mm intervals are required.
  • Fix the plasterboards or UPVC to the wood batons and finish with plaster if needed.
  • You may decorate your conservatory ceiling after the plaster has fully dried.

The DIY Conservatory Insulation Cost

DIY conservatory roof insulation will be far less expensive than engaging a firm to perform the job. However, you should consider how long it will take you to perform the task on your own and how complex it is.

Professional fitters often take 1-2 days to complete the task. This is for people who perform this profession daily. With this in mind, you should set aside at least a 2-3 days to finish this kind of DIY project.

To get a good quality finish, you will most likely need to employ a professional plasterer to skim your ceiling.
Unless you are a skilled tradesman we would generally recommend you use a top rated conservatory insulation company to complete the job. You can now get a conservatory insulation quote online, this is before you even have anyone come to your property.


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