Why pvc floors tiles could be what you need for your bathroom

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Why PVC Floors Tiles Could Be What You Need For Your Bathroom

Deciding on the perfect floor for your bathroom can often take time.  There are a number of requirements for any bathroom floor from how it looks to how it feels to touch. 

Also, it is important to consider how well it will deal with water and things like damp towels, dirty clothes and dropped objects.  These challenges can often make a number of flooring materials a poor choice for your bathroom. 

Flooring like laminate flooring, carpet and linoleum will all struggle to cope with the demands of a bathroom floor and can get stained and damaged very easily.


Other flooring solutions like hardwood flooring, polished concrete and stone & ceramic tiles all have their advantages to being fitted in your bathroom and can often make a statement in your room, but they can be rather expensive.

One flooring solution that is perfect for bathrooms and is making a bit of a resurgence is PVC flooring and in particular PVC floor tiles.  PVC tiles can give that look that you sometimes get from a stone or ceramic tile while doing so at a fraction of the price.

Cost however is not the only benefit to fitting PVC tiles in your bathroom.  Below are just some reasons why it makes sense to consider PVC tiles for your bathroom floor.


One thing that you want from a bathroom floor is comfort.  You want your bathroom floor to be warm to touch and soft under your foot, especially if you are getting out of a bath or shower. 

This is often why homeowners use mats in the bathroom but mats can get grubby and dirty and often need replaced.  PVC floor tiles are soft underfoot and also conduct heat which means they will be warm to the touch which is great news for those early Winter mornings.


Getting in and out of the bath or share can often bring with it a number of challenges, none more so than trying to stay on your feet.  This can be particularly precarious to the elderly and the young who can easily be injured if they slip or fall whilst coming out of the bath. 

The beauty of PVC tiles and particularly those manufactured by companies like Flexi-Tile is that they come with a studded or textured finish which provides you with extra grip and safety in your bathroom.


PVC floor tiles come with an easy to use and easy to follow one click, interlocking installation system.  These means that most homeowners with a decent grasp of basic DIY should be able to install their bathroom floor alone. 

This DIY installation means that you will not need to get a professional floor fitter in, saving you some money to spend on accessorising your bathroom.  All you require are a few small tools for the job like a tape, knife and rubber mallet. 

PVC tiles can be fitted to an existing sub-floor and can be installed onto almost any type of existing flooring.


Another great benefit to choosing PVC floor tiles for your bathroom is their ease of maintenance.  Unlike laminate and linoleum flooring that can get dirty very easy when it comes in contact with water, PVC tiles are easy to wipe clean and dry quickly. 

Even give the floor a quick wipe with your towel after leaving the shower can ensure your floor looks like new long after it is installed.


The last reason to consider PVC flooring is the injection of colour that can be provided to your bathroom.  PVC tiles can often come in a range of styles and colours allowing you to put your personality into your bathroom floor. 

You can also mix colours to give a chequered or pattern effect to help make your floor or an area of your bathroom, like a standalone bath tub, a focal area of the room. 

If you have a small bathroom, lighter colours like white or cream tiles are a great way of making it look bigger, while darker colours like black, navy or grey can help make a larger bathroom seem smaller and cosier.

If you are looking for flooring ideas for your bathroom, shower room or toilet, be sure to consider the great benefits you can get from a PVC floor.  Affordable, stylish and easy to maintain are just some of the reasons we feel they are perfect for any home.


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