Top trends for a bedroom makeover

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Top Trends for a Bedroom Makeover

Upon entering your bedroom, relaxation should sweep over you. Given, this does depend on how tired you are. However, your bedroom’s interior design plays a big part in how inviting it is to you. It needs to appeal to your senses and reflect your own personal style, whilst being warm and comforting.

With current trends constantly shifting, it can be difficult to keep track. That’s why we’ve delved into modern décor to bring you this guide. Here’s some interior design trends you can try in your bedroom today.

Mirrored Furniture

Creating a spacious environment in your bedroom makes it feel bigger, and the illusion that mirrored furniture creates is exactly that – one of space. Because it reflects the rest of the room, your bedroom feels instantly larger. Not only that, but it will help to distribute natural light.

This added boost of light will make the room feel much airier than it did before. A mirrored chest of drawers works really well, although a small bedside table can work just as well. It’s all about finding what works best for your bedroom’s size, as you wouldn’t want it to overpower other aspects of your décor.

If you’re lucky enough to have a built-in wardrobe, attaching floor-to-ceiling mirrors to the doors is a way of achieving a much-loved style without purchasing new furniture.

Textured Wallpaper

Say goodbye to boring wall designs. In your bedroom, plain and uninspiring doesn’t cut it. Textured wallpaper is perfect for adding character to your walls. The variety of designs emerging both in stores and online is massive, leaving enough choice for you to either match your existing design, or go for something completely new.

Detailed designs embossed in thick wallpaper – or a more standard striped or dot pattern – create the texture. From there, the colour choice is down to you. Because of the three-dimensional nature of the wallpaper, colours stand out more and your walls become a bigger feature of your bedroom’s décor. Use the wallpaper on every wall, or just on one to create one large feature wall.

Colourful Headboards

His is a simple, yet incredibly effective, way of adding colour to your bedroom’s design. The bed is often the main feature in a bedroom, and adding a splash of colour via the headboard is lovely and subtle. If you’re feeling a little risky and would like to experiment with a certain colour, a headboard is a much smaller commitment to painting your walls that colour.

Why not try it out on a small scale first? You could grow to like it, or decide it isn’t quite for you! You can buy from a store, or you could try re-upholstering your old headboard as a DIY project. If you pair the colour with a matching bedsheet and pillows, the colours tie in together to really make your bed stand out.

Grey Laminate Flooring

As one of the most popular flooring colours in recent times, grey flooring has taken a firm hold on modern interior design.  When it comes to designing your bedroom, laminate flooring should be a definite consideration.

For starters, it boasts great durability due to its construction using multiple layers. Because the design is digitally printed onto a top layer, there is no end to the design options on the market. If you were looking for grey flooring made from real wood, your options would be fairly limited.

With laminate, however, you can choose from a huge range of styles, each varying in exact colour, texture – each with their own individual character. Grey is a beautiful colour that remains neutral, meaning you can make a statement with other elements of your interior, without making the design as a whole confusing or too busy.


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