The best flooring for conservatories

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The Best Flooring for Conservatories

Now that the weather is warming up, you will probably be spending a lot more time in your conservatory. With more time being spent in your conservatory you notice or experience problems such as sagging or sloping floors or cracked and uneven concrete floors contact a company that are concrete repair specialists.

Foundation problems can come in many forms and should not be ignored. If, however you simply feel the flooring is looking a little dated and you are thinking about updating it, you might be wondering what the best options are. Here are some brief pros and cons of some of the most popular types of conservatory flooring.


Carpet is great for adding warmth and a cosy atmosphere to your conservatory, with neutral tones in particular looking great in this room; however, carpets can be tricky to keep clean. If you tend to have people – and pets – entering the conservatory directly from the garden, carpet might not be for you.

The upkeep might prove too much, and you might soon experience stains or wear and tear that ruin the look of your new carpet. For conservatories without an external door, carpet can be an attractive option.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is popular in conservatories, as it adds an attractive finish and the wood effect looks great against the green of the outdoors. Check your chosen laminate is suitable for installation in a conservatory before you buy it.

Laminate is easy to keep clean and many brands can withstand heavy foot traffic from people passing through from outside. Laminate is far warmer to walk on than tiles but be sure to add a heavy-duty doormat to the entrance to your conservatory to collect any sharp pieces of gravel or debris that could scratch your floor.


Conservatory Floor Tiles are another popular choice but can be far more expensive than other options. They will also be very cold in the winter, which is something to bear in mind if you like to use your conservatory all year round. They are perfect if you want a classic or Mediterranean look in your room, however, and are certainly a timeless and elegant option.

Vinyl Flooring

Modern vinyls are attractive and hardwearing, making them a great choice for conservatories. You can even opt for highly convincing wood- or tile-effect vinyl at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Vinyl is warm and comfortable underfoot; however, you should check with the retailer that your chosen vinyl won’t fade in the sunlight, particularly if your conservatory tends to be very sunny. Another big advantage of vinyl is that you can mop it as frequently as you need to, meaning it is a great choice in a busy family home or if you have pets that tend to traipse dirt in from outdoors.


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