Terracotta tiles: the most versatile flooring?

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Terracotta Tiles: The Most Versatile Flooring?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a kind of flooring that was well-suited to almost every purpose? 

Well, terracotta tiles superbly fill that quota, used in a variety of areas for varying reasons and results. It’s a true relief when you need no longer worry about matters such as style over substance, as many people overspend in pursuit of the former, never quite finding the perfect balance. Anything that relieves you of such burdens is worth investigating further!

So, why are terracotta tiles the most versatile flooring? Can useful-addons like grout sealer be used? You’ll find out after the jump! 

Incredibly Stylish

Terracotta tiles have a great deal going for them when it comes to aesthetics.

Essential to the tiling process is the application of grout sealer. Such products from GoProtect ensure any bothersome debris is kept out of the between spaces, and that no mould and algae can begin and fester. It’s an ideal treatment for the underside of your tiles, and is fully non-hazardous, breathable, and invisible once dried, making it incredibly safe to use. In the end, your terracotta tiles will be completely immaculate after this process, looking their best thereafter. 

This kind of flooring can also help you create a sensationally rustic kitchen, where every inch of your floor exudes a country farmhouse style. Just as ably, they can add a Mediterranean twist to a space also, so long as you decorate the area with suitably themed items alongside. Ultimately, there are many flexible avenues to explore here. With each style, a myriad of colours can be implemented too to suit any colour scheme. Hues of reds, browns, oranges, pinks, mustards, and even greens and blues can all be displayed. What more could you ask for?

Indoor and Outdoor Use

One of the most amazing things about terracotta tiles is there at home pretty much anywhere on your property. 

Kitchens, dining rooms, and restrooms can all benefit greatly from terracotta tiles, because they can be sculpted to serve as backsplash tiles or bathroom tiles depending on your needs. They elevate every room they feature in, adapting dynamically to the situations at hand. Because they can feature almost anywhere, you can have a nice, consistent theme running through your house, if you choose. 

Not only are they great for indoor use, but terracotta tiles can thrive outside too. In the times where more and more people are turning to their gardens for comfort, a patio area with this material can beautifully cap off the proceedings admirably. Atop it you could have a seating area, a bar, some potted plants – nothing is stop you! 

Pragmatic Flooring

Terracotta tiling is highly versatile in use, but also incredibly practical in other ways also. 

Terracotta flooring is a marvellous conductor of heat, keeping you toasty and warm where other tiled floors would freeze your feet off! That means you won’t be greeted with any shocks to the system down below when you’re creeping across your kitchen for a snack in the early hours! If they’re in the shade, they’ll aversely stay cool, providing your feet with a soothing chill. 

Because this kind of flooring is made from clay, it can be fashioned to a variety of shapes too. This is incredibly useful if you have a kitchen or garden area that has a particularly complicated layout, with islands and tables scattered across the space, awkward counter shapes, or peculiar landscaping. In the end, the word ‘can’t’ be nowhere to be found with this kind of flooring – anything is possible!


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