Flooring tips to make a room feel bigger

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Flooring Tips to Make a Room Feel Bigger

We all have at least one room in our house that we wish was a tad bit bigger. The following article will prove to you that small changes and additions can give your house a better flow, and as a big plus, they can make your rooms appear bigger. No matter if we’re talking about carpets, area rugs, or basic flooring, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve by switching things up a bit.

How to make your rooms feel bigger?

Light vs. dark floorings

Before we compare them, you should know that they both come with their advantages, and if combined and used correctly, they can make the room bigger. Lighter-coloured area rugs, such as the Teppe rugs can give your room a more welcoming and natural feeling. They’ll make the space cosy enough for you to drink your coffee and relax with friends and loved ones, giving it a bit of dimension, especially if placed correctly. 

Dark floorings, on the other hand, especially ones that are with rich, deep colouring, or more natural wood effects can give your home feel different overall. You’ll get that safe, welcoming feeling that you cannot resist. If you combine the wood flooring with a neutral-coloured rug, you’ve hit the jackpot. Your room will have dimensions, and the placement of the rug will make it look bigger. The dark and light combination works in every room of your house, but you should be careful when choosing the flooring for your bathroom, because of humidity and the risk of slipping. 

Rug placement 

As we’ve mentioned, the rug placement can make the room bigger, smaller, wider, and narrower. It’s an optical illusion that you can easily use to your advantage. There are some rules that you should follow, depending on the goal you’re aiming for. Right now, the main goal is for the room to look bigger, so we’ll mention the rules for every room in your house, starting with the living room. 

Your living room has several main elements, including the coffee table and sofa. Your area rug should be the main piece in the room, with a central position right under the table and the sofa, or at least its front legs. That way, you’ll make the room look bigger and tidier, and the whole outcome will be appealing. 

For the dining room, you should consider investing in an area rug that will sit comfortably under the chairs when they are pulled back for you to dine. You don’t want to go back and forth with every movement. The bedroom is the place where you have the biggest freedom, and you can opt for an area rug that goes under the bed and extends enough for you to place your feet when you wake up, or you can invest in runners that will go down the sides of the bed. 

Rug materials

Details matter, especially when you’re working with a smaller space. If you want to make the room feel bigger, you should either opt for a flatweave bigger rug, or a thick smaller one. Thicker rugs give dimension and they give out warmth, making them perfect for the wintertime, but once summer comes, you’ll need to clean them and store them away. Flatweave rugs, on the other hand, work all year round, and for the wintertime, you can place an under rug for extra warmth. A great way to play around with details is to put a darker carpet and a smaller, light-coloured area rug on top of it. 

Area rug shapes

Once you walk into the rug store, you’ll be amazed to see the number of different shapes and sizes. It’s easy to get carried away and purchase the biggest, most colourful rug out there, so be careful and remain calm! Rug shopping is addictive, and once you start, you cannot stop yourself. There are the classic shapes: square, oval, rectangle, circle, but there are also asymmetric rugs and rugs with different kid-friendly shapes and patterns. If you want to go bold, you can opt for the asymmetric type, but if you want to play it safe, stick to the rectangles and the square ones. Ovals and circles can soften up the final look of your home, so if you have lots of edges, an oval is a right investment. 

Rug patterns

Last but not least, is the pattern. Lines, dots, and stripes are your friends. Stay away from the stain effect ones though, as they can make the final outcome unpleasant. Depending on the colour combination, the rug can give out dimensions, making the room a lot bigger. A darker background with a lighter pattern is a great choice, and you can never go wrong. Look for area rugs with neutral colours, or ones with a neutral background and a bold-coloured pattern, to make the area rug the centrepiece of the room. After that, add smaller ornaments to complement it and enhance the final outcome. 


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