Choosing laminate flooring for your home

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Choosing Laminate Flooring for your Home

Flooring can completely change the aesthetics and characteristics of a room, which means that selecting the right type of flooring for your home is a very important task. In addition to the pressure to get it right at the first attempt, flooring can often be a bit of a hassle. From time-consuming and tricky installation to demanding maintenance, numerous problems can crop up all the way through the process.

Laminate, on the other hand, is hassle-free, making it the perfect choice for busy families. This type of flooring is a composite product that looks identical to a wood product, giving you the opportunity to create the effect of a real wooden floor without the fuss – or cost – of using the real thing.

Laminate vs. Non-laminate Flooring

It is important to take aesthetics and functionality into account when choosing flooring for your home. However, in the current economic climate, money is undoubtedly also a top priority. Did you know that even though it emulates the exact look of hardwood, laminate is actually half the price?

Unlike hardwood, carpet and marble, the top surface of laminate flooring has a high UV resistance which protects it from the sun’s piercing rays, making it less prone to fading. It is also hardwearing and incredibly resistant to impacts, stains, scratches and moisture. Moreover, whereas carpets require regular cleaning and hardwood floors may have to be refinished, five minutes with a vacuum and mop every so often is all the TLC laminate flooring needs.

Laminate flooring is also very easy to install, something that will be music to the ears of aspiring DIY enthusiasts everywhere. Laminate floors can be laid on top of wood, plywood, concrete and existing vinyl flooring and literally snaps straight into place thanks to the tongue and groove click system. Since such flooring does not need to be glued or nailed down, there is no need for any special glues or tools – it couldn’t be easier.

Laminate Flooring for Kitchens and beyond

The hard-wearing quality of laminate is particularly handy for rooms which deal with heavy traffic on a daily basis. With this in mind, laminate flooring for kitchens is something you may want to look into. Used for mealtimes and food preparation, spillages are inevitable, but with stain-resistant laminate this will fast become a problem of the past.

The kitchen is not the only room where laminate flooring would be the perfect fit. A deep brown coloured laminate such as Balterio Traditional Sapphire Imperial Tea Wood exudes elegance and sophistication, adding a touch of luxury to a dining room or bedroom.

The Power of Wood-effect Flooring

Wood-effect flooring is also an extremely effective way to warm up a room. Wood radiates genuine warmth, creating an ideal atmosphere for entertaining. As the heart of the home, living room flooring needs to be inviting in addition to being suitably practical and stylish.

Lighter coloured wood-effect flooring has a fresh, lively look about it, with its natural style bringing the great outdoors into your home. ‘Gold’ laminates such as Dynamic Harlech Oak Wood are ideal if you’re aiming to lighten up a room or make it look bigger.

Laminate flooring is also available in grey, and Balterio Grandeur Hermitage or Wellington Oak Wood makes a fine choice for a chic bedroom, stylish office or classy entrance hall.

With choices available to suit every room and cater to all tastes, laminate is the easiest and most affordable way to treat your home to a quality makeover!


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