7 ways to get more from your garage

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7 Ways To Get More From Your Garage

In recent years a garage has become much more than just place to store your car overnight.  For many of us it has become a dumping area, somewhere to put old items that we no longer need or simply can’t bring ourselves to get rid of. 

This can lead to a build up of box after box and old tool after old tool and before you know it, it is a battle to get through your garage door.  Below are seven ways you can get more from your garage.


Install a Gym

A garage is the perfect environment for a home gym as it is often a very spacious and well ventilated area.  The type of training you wish to do will dictate the type of equipment you buy and the type of home gym you create. 

If you want to do more cardio type training then you will be investing in cross trainers, treadmills and rowing machines although these can be pretty expensive.  Perhaps you want to work on your strength and core in which case a multi gym or weights bench and weights will be perfect.

It is also worth investing in some good gym mats or appropriate flooring for your garage to ensure comfort as you work out.  Add motivational posters and quotes around your garage to create that perfect gym atmosphere.

Car Shrine

Another way to get the most from your garage is turn it into a shrine for your car or in some cases cars.  If you are a car collector then creating the perfect area to show off your cars, begins with your garage. Install spot lighting in the garage to focus the attention onto your cars. 

We would also recommend using colours that complement your car when it comes to fixtures, worktops, walls and floors. Light, neutral colours can look well although dark, glossy colours can help make your car show room look very modern and stylish.


The garage can often provide an area where you will carry out a range of maintenance tasks from working on your car to fixing tools or building furniture.  Why not create the perfect private working area by investing in a modern workstation.

Fit your garage with storage compartments and storage racks allowing you to use your garage in a much more organised storage fashion.  Be sure to carefully research the type of workstation you wish to fit as there are a wide range of styles and finishes available on the market today.

Games Room

The modern garage is all about multi-function so why not use your garage as somewhere to entertain friends and family.  One such way is to turn your garage into the ultimate games room. Relax and spend some quality time with friends and family in the garage. 

Depending on your budget, you could do a lot with your garage and turn it into a games room to make you the envy of all your neighbours. From pool tables to pinball tables and poker tables to jukebox’s there is so much you can do to create the perfect games room in your garage. 

Make the most of your games room in the Summer by opening your garage door and enjoying a BBQ and making the most of the great outdoors, indoors.

A Bar

Continuing with the entertainments theme, why not create your own private bar area in your garage.  Entertain friends and family into the early hours by building your own home bar. You may find out it is not all that expensive especially if you look for second hand bar equipment such as optics, beer pumps and high stools. 

Build a wooden corner counter and fit your pumps and optics to create that perfect country pub atmosphere in your own garage. Invest in some small portable fridges to store soft drinks, beer, wine and alcopops and get ready to sit back and relax with a drink of your very own finest.  Add in a dartboard, pool table and fruit machine and you won’t be long creating your own Homer Simpson style bar.

Modern Floor

One way to get more from your garage is through your garage floor.  Adding onto your existing concrete or screed floor with a more modern floor like epoxy, PVC tiles or rubber flooring.  A nice modern floor will take that industrial, workman-like look away from your garage and make you want to use it more and spend more time in it. 

PVC and rubber flooring in particular can be very useful in your garage due to their durable and hard wearing qualities but soft, cushioned feel. What’s more these types of flooring are easy to clean and maintain and also easy to fit.  You can even floor different areas of your garage to separate your workstation from your workout zone and your entertainment area from your parking area.

Utility Room

Our final recommendation to making your garage more modern is to use it as a utility room.  Store home appliances like your washing machine and tumble dryer and also a spare fridge / freezer.  This will free up space in your home but also give you a spacious area to get some cleaning done (and we all love having to wash and clean up). 

Creating a utility room in your garage may require a bit of work in terms of fitting extra power points but the long term benefits will be great.  Storing this equipment in the corner of your garage or along a wall will also ensure there is plenty of space within your garage to do other things mentioned in this list, allowing you to truly make the ultimate multi-functional garage.

While the design of garages continues to change with some garages now being two stories, it is important to remember why we built or added a garage in the first place.  Your garage is not a dumping area but somewhere you should be aiming to get as much as possible out of. Start to view your garage as an extension of your home and try to maximise the functionality of it to ensure you and your family get great benefit from it.

If you’re looking to make your garage a go to area in your home for whatever you desire you’ll have to make sure its foundations are solid. After all a building without foundations won’t stand. Luckily If you’re in the Doncaster area and are looking for concrete or screed Doncaster Quickmix is on hand to help. Whether it’s advising on the best option for you or simply explaining the difference between dry screed and flowing screed, you’ll just have to get in touch.


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