Smart heating uses in your home

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Smart Heating Uses In Your Home

Smart Heating Uses In Your Home

Over the last few years, there has been a huge increase in the amount of homes that are now controlled by smart heating devices such as Nest and Hive Thermostats. These can be controlled by a range of ways of which we look into below.

Setting Your Temperature and Ways to do This:

Smart heating thermostats are linked up to Wi-Fi and can be controlled in a number of ways. 

Firstly, you can set the heating on your boiler, with both Worcester Bosch and Veissmann now having smart boilers with an intuitive display. From here you can control your heating, meaning that you no longer need a fixed thermostat in each room. 

If you do not wish to go to your boiler every time you want to turn the heating up or down, then you can install an app such as the Hive Heating App, whereby you can link your boiler and phone up. You can then control the heating anywhere in the world on a phone or tablet, as long as you have access to the internet.

Hive and Nest also have their own portable device that lets you move around the house, again giving you full functionality to set the temperature anywhere in the home.

Lastly, if you have a Google Home or Alexa you can link up your boiler to your device and control the heating with your voice. A quick saying such as ‘Hey Google, set the heating in the living room to 20 degrees’ will immediately convey to your boiler.

What Boiler Companies Offer Smart Boilers?

At the moment, the best combi boilers to choose from are supplied by Worcester Bosch and Veissmann. Both of these offer top of the range Which? Best Buy accredited boilers that can be controlled by a device or voice controlled option.

Other brands such as Vokera, Ideal and Baxi have limited solutions and are not yet providing consumers with as many features as Worcester Bosch or Veissmann.

Where Can you Buy a Smart Boiler? 

Over the last few decades, a boiler is usually purchased after a salesman has visited and surveyed your home however things are now different.

Just like you would use Uber for a taxi or to book a holiday, you can now purchase a new boiler online from a company such as Boiler Central.

These comapnies can provide your new boiler cost online with fixed pricing. You can pay via card or get new boilers on finance with an instant online finance decision. Not only that, but you can book in your own installation date that gives you options over the coming months to book your installation on a date that suits you.


Buying a new boiler and setting your home up to be controlled with your phone, tablet or voice has never been as easy. You can link everything up to one app such as your blinds, CCTV, electric windows, gates and now your heating to have a fully smart home.

As the heating industry adapts to the smart home improvements, more boilers will be available to buy that have full functionality to be controlled by voice and portable devices. Keep a lookout for new boilers from different manufacturers during 2020.


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