Reasons to invest in energy efficiency measures

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Reasons to Invest in Energy Efficiency Measures

New figures have revealed that the number of energy efficiency measures carried out across the UK with the assistance of national programmes has dropped substantially over the past 12 months.

According to research conducted by the Association for the Conservation of Energy and commissioned by the Energy Bill Revolution campaign, the count has decreased from its peak of 1.65 million in 2012/13 to 661,000 during 2013/14.

Furthermore, the study goes on to predict that there will only be 507,000 energy efficiency measures, which includes insulating a home, performed in the year ahead.


Looking into the research, Ed Matthew, the Energy Bill Revolution’s Director, acknowledged: “The government’s energy efficiency policies are in free fall … The government must make home energy efficiency an infrastructure investment priority to put the funding in place to end this scandal once and for all.”

Another noticeable aspect of the study was the estimations that 13 million households in the UK are still in need of energy-efficient boilers, 7.5 million homes require loft insulation and five million properties could be made greener with cavity wall insulation.

Here’s a look at the benefits of investing in each of these projects.

Energy-efficient Boilers

Another way to look at energy-efficient boilers is condensing boilers, as it is now law in the UK for every new central heating boiler to utilise this technology.

Once set up, which is a simple process, condenser boilers boast a greater heat exchange than standard devices. As a result, more heat is recovered while cooler gases are transported up the flue.

A side effect of cooler gases being sent up the flue is these gases can reduce in temperature to the point where the water vapour present condenses out. Even more energy is then recovered through this motion.

Loft Insulation

The scientific fact that heat rises should give you a clear indication of why it is often advised that you install loft insulation in your home.

As well as bringing down the amount of heat that is able to escape from a roof, this energy efficiency measure can also reduce problems with condensation.

Of course, having a thick material placed into the middle of a loft’s walls will result in a reduction of exterior noise heard within a property too.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Just like with loft insulation, install cavity wall insulation around your property and the results will be fewer problems with condensation and the ability to retain more heat in a home. Obviously, a main difference between the two is that cavity walls can be found in various rooms in your house.

Don’t worry about the installation taking hours if not days either. All a professional needs to do is drill a few holes into the exterior side of the wall and then use specialised devices to pump the appropriate amount of insulation inside the space.


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