If i have a large home, what boiler is best?

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If I Have A Large Home, What Boiler Is Best?

A powerful boiler is essential for large houses. A system boiler is more efficient than a regular boiler when it comes to heating a large five-bedroom house. System boilers store hot water within the boiler itself, which is perfect for your home should it have more than one bathroom.

If you have more than 5 bedrooms, high-power combi boilers can heat your home efficiently.

So if you’re wondering which boiler is the best option for you, fear not. We’ve done the research and can help you decide which type of boiler you’ll need for your home.

Are You Looking For A Regular, System, Or Combi Boiler?

Combi boilers work best in homes with one bathroom. A combi heats water as it is needed, without storing it. This can cause a reduction in water flow if multiple people want to use the bath or shower simultaneously. If the output rating, the measure of a boiler’s power (also known by boiler size), is high enough, they can be used in homes with two bathrooms.

A system boiler is recommended for properties with more than two bathrooms. These boilers store hotwater in a cylinder. This means that there is more hot water.

If you have a regular boiler, it’s not worth upgrading to a new one. Because they require complex heating systems, such as those with additional water feed tanks in lofts and extra pipe work to heat the house, these will increase installation costs.

System boilers are a modern variant of the traditional boiler. They draw water from the mains and not from a tank in your loft. A system boiler is the contemporary version of a regular boiler that can be switched to heat your home. It will also free up space in the loft.

Comparison of boilers for large houses

There are several different things you should carefully consider when choosing which type of boiler is best for larger homes.


Modern boilers are extremely efficient. By utilising condensing technology, they are able to convert more fuel, producing greater heat for your home and hot water.

Every boiler is given an efficiency rating based on an ABC scale. A stands for the most efficient band. This rating is also known as the ErP rating. While most boilers are A-rated, it is worth checking that they have a 100% efficiency rating. Your bills will drop the closer they are to 100 percent.

Sizing (output)

Boiler sizing refers to its power. It’s also known as the output rating and measured in kilowatts. There are two output ratings available for combi boilers: one for central heating (CH), and one for domestic hot water. System and regular boilers on the other hand have only one output rating due to the domestic hot water coming directly from the hot-water cylinder.


Every boiler manufacturer offers a guarantee/warranty for their boilers. These warranties vary by manufacturer. They can be extended or standard and include how long they will last. Different boiler manufacturers offer different warranties.

A boiler that comes with a long warranty will give you peace of mind.


A new boiler costs two things. The boiler cost and the installation cost. As with everything there can be significant differences in the boiler prices. Naturally, pricing shouldn’t be the only or even driving factor when choosing a boiler. However, if you can save some money upfront it is definitely worth looking at.

Large House Combi Boilers: Which One Is The Best?

A combi boiler is not often considered powerful enough to use in a large home. There are many of the best boiler brands on the market. To save you the painstaking time of research we’ve rounded up our top three picks to assist you in making your decision.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life 50

The Greenstar Life 50, Worcester Bosch’s most powerful boiler, is both small and extremely efficient. The boiler’s output ratings allow it to be used in homes with 15 radiators, 2 full sizes bathrooms, and an ensuite. It comes with a standard warranty of 5 years, but can be extended up to 12 year.

Ideal Vogue Max C40

Ideal Vogue Max C40 works best in homes with 15 to 20 radiators and two bathrooms. It comes with a standard warranty of 10 years, but can be extended up to 12 years. It is also easy to install, which can help reduce labour costs.

Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 938

The combi gas boiler is highly efficient and offers many benefits. The integrated hot water storage device is one of the many features. It can heat water in just 5 seconds and provide up to 20 litres per minute. The Vaillant EcoTEC Plus 938 has a standard warranty of 5 years, but can be extended to 7-10 year.

You can compare these boilers and make the best choice for your home by using our boiler comparison tool.


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