Alternative ways to stay warm this winter

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Alternative Ways to Stay Warm this Winter

Being conservative with heating has always been on the minds of some, but with rises in energy bills becoming a hot topic, it’s on more minds than ever.

People are understandably concerned about reducing the cost of heating, so are there some alternative ways to stay comfortably warm without paying a fortune in bills?

Let’s find out, with some ways to stay warm in and outside of the house…

Heated Blankets

An electric blanket may be a great way to beat the chill – and the heating bill. You can put it on top of you as you watch TV or work from home, or you can put it under your sheets to keep you warm when you first get in bed.

Using a heated blanket for one hour a day for a short boost of warmth will cost you 24p a week. Having one may also be just enough to allow you to turn your thermostat down a bit, even by just 1°C, which could make a difference of £80 a year. It could even help you leave your heating off for longer.

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters come in many different forms, some look like small portable radiators, others slightly resemble fans. 

A great idea for using electric heating but keeping your home ‘aesthetic’, would be to purchase an electric stove or fireplace. This is ideal if your home has an empty area where a fireplace should be, which is common especially in rental properties. 

It makes a fantastic and safe alternative to the real thing. Prices range from around £80 up to £300, but you don’t have to spend a lot to get one that looks good and works effectively.

No energy is wasted or lost either, going fully into its function, so the heaters are incredibly efficient. There are usually two different settings, starting at about 1000W and going up to 2000W, so you can choose depending on how cold it is.

Staying Warm Outside 

Winter might mean you end up neglecting your garden for months, but there are ways to brighten it up and make it more comfortable so that your outside space doesn’t go to waste. Whilst on the subject of heating, let’s look into ways to use heat recreationally.

Outdoor heating and fire pits  could help create your garden into a cosy area, even in the evening. Purchasing a patio heater will enable you to have drinks with friends outside, no matter if it’s chilly. 

Why would you want to do this? Well, you may not have enough indoor space for guests, there might be a winter birthday, or you want to set off fireworks for bonfire night or New Year’s Eve. So layer up, and crowd under the patio heater, or around a fire pit. Don’t let summer have all the fun. Winter doesn’t have to be miserable. 

Layering up and going for a jog, or doing some exercises indoors may also boost your body warmth for a bit.


Don’t forget the right clothing when outside or indoors either. Layers can make all the difference so make sure you have long sleeve T-shirts, jumpers, hoodies, and cardigans in your wardrobe. Invest in some thermal underwear such as long johns and vests, if you really think you’ll need it, as well as thick fleecy pyjamas. 

In terms of footwear for staying warm in the home, boots might not be practical to wear indoors but boot slippers could be a warming alternative. Long chunky socks or slipper socks that go all the way over your feet could also work.


Items that provide insulation range from simple fluffy cushions that you put at the bottom of doors to block light and draughts, to having things like double glazing and other materials professionally installed. 

Try out a few little things first to see if they make a difference, saving for the big stuff for if you really need it. Most UK homes have double glazing already, but there might be one or two windows without it, or ones that are damaged.  

Check to see if you can feel where draughts are coming from and solve the problem according to the location. You may need to block an unused chimney; a big draught might be coming from there or warm air may be escaping up there. Wool is the best thing to use, as it is breathable and prevents the build up of moisture.

Remember to keep doors shut to trap the warmth too.

Hot Drinks, Food and Water

It helps to warm yourself from the inside too. A hot drink of coffee, tea, or any other kind should give you a fighting chance against feeling cold. As will warm healthy foods. Whilst boiling the kettle for drinks, you can fill up a hot water bottle too. Avoid alcohol though, as this can result in feeling colder due to its effects on blood vessels.

Try it Out

There are always alternative solutions to your problems, if you can think of an issue you have, a solution probably exists. So try out some alternative products for heating and see how they can improve your life. 


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