How to keep cool at home, during a heatwave

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How To Keep Cool At Home, During A Heatwave

Create A Breeze

To keep rooms cool, have the windows open when possible. Opening windows on different sides of a room or in different rooms of the house can help create a through breeze, which will help keep temperatures down. Keep blinds closed where possible, to create a balance between letting in light and keeping the heat out.

If you are going to work during the day and want to come home to a cool house, keep all the blinds and any curtains shut – this will make a big difference when you come home after the sun has been on the house all day.


Dress For The Occasion

Wear cotton clothing during the day at home and have cotton or satin bedding to help keep the temperature down. Hanging your bedding in the coolest area of the house during the day can help as well, only putting it on your bed just before going to sleep.

Cool As Ice

Make sure you have ice cubes in the freezer to put in any drinks, and ice lollies can also be a good way to keep cool as well as keep up your hydration levels, which is also important in hot temperatures.

Body Heat

Certain points of your body can help control your temperature – try running cold water over your wrists, or placing a cold wet flannel or towel on the back of your neck. You could also keep your hair wet after having a shower which will keep your body cooler as it dries naturally.

Leave any non-essential tasks like vacuuming or ironing until the evening, or when the temperature is cooler. Staying still and resting is one of the best ways to keep cool.

Shut Down, Switch Off

Finally, think about the unnecessary heat sources in your home that you could try not to use during the period that your air conditioning is broken. You will be amazed at how much heat some appliances can give out.

The washing machine and tumble drier will give out heat, as will using the oven. If you do have to use these items, try and contain the heat in the kitchen by keeping the door shut so that the heat doesn’t escape to the rest of the house and make sure you keep the kitchen window open.

These are just some of the ways to keep cool when your air conditioning fails. However, ensuring that your unit is fixed as soon as possible is the only real way to stay at a manageable temperature, so call on air conditioning experts, such as BS Air, for repairs and maintenance.

Written by BS Air, a family run air con company in Cornwall.


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