The top 3 range cooker trends

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The Top 3 Range Cooker Trends

2013 has arrived and it has never been more important to choose the right appliance for your home. Men and women are spending more time than ever before in the kitchen, so it is no surprise to hear that range cookers are increasing in popularity.

A good, high quality range cooker can better your cooking experience and make culinary life easier and more enjoyable. It can quicken the process and even improve your home’s sustainability.

Which one should you pick though? The great thing about range cookers is that they are fantastic long-term investments and regardless of the size, colour or style, they will always take a proud place in the kitchen as a beautiful centrepiece.


Contemporary, Simplicity

Kitchens are becoming much more modern and simple in design. Keep clutter to a minimum; lines should be clean, and open up the living space with unfussy fixtures and fittings.

Stainless steel is perfect to create a sleek, contemporary finish, and it coordinates well with various colour schemes.

If you prefer a more old-fashioned, vintage home, the classic countryside feel is ideal. A traditional range cooker looks gorgeous on deep red floor tiles, with wooden beams above. Soft yellow walls complete the décor seamlessly.

Splash of Colour

In 2012 white-washed walls and neutral décor featured heavily, but this year is all about pops of colour and bright tones. Be daring in 2013 and opt for a bold shade to make a statement- it will really make your kitchen stand out from the crowd. Hot hues to use for inspiration include Sangria red, Moroccan blue, and emerald green.

Some companies offer unique colour matching service whereby you can inject some life into your kitchen and coordinate your range cooker and cooker hood to match too.

If you prefer a more neutral kitchen, just opt for pale, lighter shades of the colours mentioned above.

Cooking Efficiency

You have probably heard the words ‘sustainability’ and ‘energy-efficiency’ in abundance over the past couple of years. Nevertheless, in 2013 you are going to hear them a whole lot more.

There is going to be a big push on economical appliances in the home and induction cooking is an efficient alternative to ceramic cooking. Heat is only generated in the area that touches the pan, and automatically switches off when the pan is removed.  The technology is the most advanced method of cooking, plus it saves energy and is much easier to clean!

So 2013 is all about being bold, modern and ‘green’. Do you like any of these trends and if you do, which one will you choose?


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