The best pendant light for your kitchen

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The Best Pendant Light for Your Kitchen

While there‚Äôs a vast variety of kitchen lights available in the market from floor lamps to ceiling fixtures, pendant lights are taking the limelight nowadays. Task and decorative lighting are two reasons why people put pendant lighting over their islands. Before you can start limiting down your options for pendant lights, you need to figure out a few things. You’ll need to figure out how many lights you want and what size is best (based on your island size as well as your ceiling height). The size of your pendant lamp should be proportional to how much light you require (i.e. a larger pendant will provide more lighting than a smaller pendant). 

However, there’s a lot more to it than that. When picking pendants to hang above your kitchen island, you must consider the width and height of the pendant light. Additionally, do look into the height of your ceiling and the length of your island. In general, the longer and higher your kitchen island, the better it is for these lights. Further, these two aspects of kitchen lighting are imperative to be considered. Firstly, it should ideally illuminate the work surfaces where you do most of your cooking. Secondly, it must give a warm environment during dinner or night-time hours. 

Kitchen pendants are the favored choice for decorators who want to establish a creative statement in an otherwise utilitarian room, filling the void between the counters and the ceiling with suspended works of art.

Unique kitchen pendant light inspirations

Knot Pendant Light

Part fixture, part pop art, these one-of-a-kind pendant lights feature a giant knot contained within the glass shade. Bright hues can either complement your present palette or stand out against a neutral backdrop.

Bloom Light

Glistening faceted flowers appear to be stitched together with nothing more than air and imagination. The Bloom pendant looks fantastic in nature-inspired kitchens, or it might add a touch of organic appeal to a place that lacks unconstrained forms.

Aim Multi-Light Pendant

The shades may be adjusted to point in any direction, providing tailored task lighting in the kitchen. They simply bring a lovely black and white kitchen together.

Coral Pendant

Oversized pendants are ideal for kitchens with high ceilings, but they may also be used in typical rooms that require a sturdy focal point. The distinctive Coral pendant here keeps the fridge from taking center stage. 

Random Globe Pendant

What a legendary lamp! The light and airy random pendant catch the eye right away, and it’s just as spectacular during the day as it is at night.

Conic Section Pendant

Black with a satin finish looks great almost anywhere. For a dynamic aesthetic that changes depending on perspective, these flaring mini-pendants have an angled shade that transitions to vertical wire toward the bottom.

Talo Suspension

This linear suspension lamp is simple, effective, and beautiful, with clean lines and polished forms that illuminate a kitchen island or workspace without detracting from your carefully designed environment.


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