The benefits of choosing a quartz worktop

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The Benefits of Choosing a Quartz Worktop

Today there is a wide variety of choices when it comes to choosing a worktop. While quartz sounds like something for our watch or a piece of jewellery, this composite material offers an elegant and robust solution for a worktop. In this article, we’ll be exploring all of the benefits of quartz worktops, from their aesthetic appeal to upkeep and environmental impact, to help you determine if a quartz worktop is right for your home.

Kitchen Worktop Appearance

Your worktop is one of the most visible aspects of your kitchen, so choosing the right worktop can significantly impact how your kitchen looks. Do you want bold swathes of uniform colour? Or do you prefer natural patterns and graining? Are you looking for worktops that glitter in the afternoon sun, or something with a more subtle touch? Quartz worktops are manmade and specially engineered, so they can be made in almost any colour or pattern. Unlike natural materials such as granite or marble, quartz worktops aren’t constrained by colour or pattern. Their consistent colouring and pattern replication make for seamless appearing slabs. They also offer a cost-effective solution for those who want the luxuriously look of marble or other expensive materials. 

Worktop Upkeep

If you’re looking for a worktop that can keep up with the wear and tear of daily life, quartz worktops are extremely durable that require minimal upkeep. Because quartz is composite, manmade material, it doesn’t have any imperfections or weak points. Quartz worktops can take a significant impact without breaking or chipping. Additionally, quartz can withstand high temperatures. While it is always recommended to use a hot pad, you can rest at ease knowing if you accidentally place something hot on a quartz counter it won’t scorch or mark the surface of your beautiful worktops.

Alongside it’s durable qualities, quartz worktops offer a hygienic choice. An entirely non-porous material, quartz worktops will not absorb any stains, germs or bacteria. Any spills or mess you may encounter are easily cleaned away with just a quick wipe with any mild soap or all-purpose cleaner. Perfect for families quartz worktops are a versatile option that do not require any regular maintenance, making them an easy choice for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

Environmental impact

If sustainability is an important factor for you, quartz worktops are an excellent choice. Many natural worktops like granite and marble are mined or taken from queries while others can release gases, making them less than environmentally friendly. Quartz on the other hand is a manmade composite. It does not release any gases and is made from byproducts. As we have already discussed, quartz worktops are extremely robust and can last a lifetime. But if you do ever decide you want a change, quartz worktops offer a recyclable option.

If you’re looking at adding something special to your kitchen then a Quartz Kitchen Worktop could be what you’re looking for. With a range of different materials available you’ll want an expert opinion from a company like Total Tops.


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