The beauty and benefits of bespoke kitchens

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The Beauty and Benefits of Bespoke Kitchens

Let’s face it, your kitchen refurbishment is intended to last many years, so you want to make sure that it’s reaching its full potential and looks and feels great to spend time in.

A truly bespoke kitchen is designed to your specifications, to suit the space you have available and the type of cooking you do.

In this article, we explore the different aspects of a bespoke kitchen and how one could work for you.


A truly bespoke kitchen will be designed to your exact specifications and tailored to suit the needs of your household. All of this starts with a visit from a bespoke kitchen designer, they will measure your space and discuss with you how you use your kitchen. It sounds obvious but not all of us use our kitchens as just a cooking space, they will also consider if you use it for entertaining or after school homework for example.

Your designer will work with you to place the key components of your kitchen appropriately making sure the day to day use of your space is effective and everything you need is with easy reach. This will include positioning of worktops and an island if you have the room, where your sink and dishwasher will be, and your main cooking area position.


A key benefit of a bespoke kitchen is the ability to truly put your own stamp on it. Once your layout has been decided your kitchen designers will start to build up the look of your kitchen, this is where you can decide on what materials are used and start to think about colours and textures.

Nowadays there are so many different materials available for the kitchen industry, worktops can be made from solid wood, granite, and even stainless steel, with cupboard doors coming in a variety of wooden or coated finishes. It’s very important to think about how much maintenance you can handle when considering your finishes, natural wood for example will need re-oiling every year or so whereas granite doesn’t require any special treatment.

A pop of colour is quite common in kitchen design and can be achieved through lots of different aspects like tiles, flooring, furniture, or even custom colour glass splash-back, of course, the colours are completely your choice because a bespoke kitchen is made just for you!

Accessories and Storage Solutions

This is where all of the behind the scenes aspects of your bespoke kitchen design come into play. There are so many innovative products on the market that can make your space not only efficient but less stressful! We all know how frustrating it can be, hunting for a Tupperware lid in a never-ending drawer of plastic, bespoke kitchen storage can take this frustration away, with integrated storage solutions for, cookware, utensils, food and more.

You can also take advantage of different cooking and air removal platforms, your kitchen is made for you, from scratch, so if you want to fit in a hot plate or a worktop level extractor fan your designer should be able to factor this in.

Top Tip for a Successful Bespoke Kitchen!

Make a list of everything you dislike about your old kitchen, write down what you wish you had, maybe a warming rack if you love baking or a wine cooler if you entertain a lot. Have this list ready when your designer visits so they can factor all of the important things into your initial design.


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