Space-saving kitchen storage tips and guidelines

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Space-Saving Kitchen Storage Tips and Guidelines

The kitchen is more or less the inner sanctum of a true cooking magician, the place where we create wonders of cuisine or a simple, lazy meal for us to enjoy on a quiet evening.

There are many places around the room that we use to store utensils and cooking supplies, however as time goes by space may become a problem for all but the largest of kitchens. A good way to deal with the issue is to find alternate ways to use the space you have in a more efficient way. The following tips are aimed at that particular solution.


The Junk Drawer

No matter how we handle our kitchen, there will always be things that simply do not fit anywhere else. You should ensure you have a designated drawer for this particular goal so you won’t have things lying around. By junk we mean clutter and documentation like user manuals, small spare parts like screws and bolts and so forth.

Small Appliances

Coffee grinders, mixers, toasters, smaller coffee machines and more could all be stored inside their own drawer or on a nice, rotating lazy Susan. This will give you a chance to use them while keeping your kitchen counters clean of all of them.

Vertical Storage

In most cases we are used to putting up our plates, cookie sheets, cutting boards and more in a horizontal fashion if we have the space. You could change that however to a vertical storage as this will allow you to pull out plates and whatever you need with ease without having to pull out entire piles of plates to reach something on the bottom.

Drawer Shelves

A type of shelf that can be pulled on on rails is an excellent solution to deep cabinets which also gives you ease of access combined with functionality. If you ever had difficulty finding your pots and pans, then this will never happen again with this shelf.

Shelf Organizers

You can make a completely custom shelving solution that fits your personal needs. Whether we’re talking about canned soup and other supplies or your kitchen utensils, organisers will give you a chance to keep everything under control and easy to work with.

Utilising Space

There are places around your kitchen you could use that you may not even be aware of. Even the smallest of spots can serve as an excellent storage space for narrow and small shelves, kitchen supplies and more. Whether this would be a small, portable caddy or something else, you could do a lot of good with a few simple solutions.


Also known as lazy Susans, these can be a perfect solution for corner cabinets that otherwise allow limited access to their contents due to their awkward shape.

You can install turntables. The lazy Susans that are designed without a center pole – it will maximize storage capabilities. They would also work well on high shelves too, as you can rotate them, giving you easier access to their contents.

Going All In

If after all these considerations you’re feeling inspired and thinking about going all in on updating and upgrading your kitchen then it’s time to start thinking about kitchen refits. Whether you’re debating a new fitted bespoke kitchen or something more budget, you’ll have to sit down and plan it out. Hopefully you’ve be able to use these tips when planning your kitchen design and thinking about what and where of certain kitchen must haves.


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