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Kitchens On A Budget

When it comes to fitting a kitchen, the automatic assumption form almost everyone is that the funds are going to take a considerable hit. For many people, this is true and to get the luxuries that some people desire, a lot of money must be spent. However, it is possible to get a high quality kitchen through Home Improvements on a budget through choosing certain alternatives.


It is advised to start by choosing a style that would like to achieve, whether it be modern, traditional or a blend of the two. With a style in mind, it is now much easier to go ahead and start planning for your kitchen to be created without it costing you a small fortune. One of the biggest contributors towards pushing the price of a kitchen up is the labour, especially if you are getting the kitchen company to remove your current kitchen. This is an unnecessary cost when trying to save money and a large amount of this can be done by you. Making sure you don’t damage or affect the internal wall supports, there is no reason as to why you can’t remove the kitchen units yourself.

Also, if you are deciding to change the layout of your kitchen and require your plumbing to me moved, this is another cost that doesn’t come cheap so it may be worth considering working around the layout that you currently have.

The Units

Contrary to popular belief, the kitchen units themselves are one of the cheapest parts of any kitchen. This makes things much easier when trying to cut the costs as there is plenty of choice available for a small price. Looking for kitchens online is a new trend that is proving to be more and more popular as online can offer some of the most competitive sites. However, cheap kitchen units are plentiful within stores such as Ikea and you can get a very stylish kitchen for a very small price. Choosing woods that are more easily resourced is a good way of decreasing costs even further as oaks and speciality woods tend to be scarcer and therefore more expensive.

Once again, if you feel competent enough in the DIY department, installing the cupboards yourself can be a great money saver which results in the only labour costs being the plumbing and lighting. These are worth getting a professional in as if they go wrong, they can cause significant devastation


The flooring is another area that can quickly and unnoticeably make the costs shoot up with tiles and wooden floors coming at an expensive fee. However, with more choice available than ever before, you are now able to get the same effect through the use of flooring such as vinyl and sheet tiling.

Vinyl can come in a range of colours and patterns and is becoming a much more popular choice for a large amount of homeowners. Easy to clean and risk free from cracking, this cheap alternative can provide you with the aesthetics of a tiled floor with a very small price tag. This is a similar story with sheet tiling, a method that gives the individual look of tiles and is laid down like tiles, but is made out of a vinyl to save on costs. This alternative is also easy to lay yourself and can once again save you costs on labour.


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