Kitchen cabinet spraying: the cheaper alternative to a brand new kitchen

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Kitchen Cabinet Spraying: The Cheaper Alternative To A Brand New Kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of every home, after a while with plenty of use and with changing home decor styles the kitchen can start to look outdated and old fashioned. More often than not when a kitchen starts looking tired a homeowner will look at having a brand new kitchen, or at least replacing their cupboard doors with new ones. 

This is often a huge undertaking especially if a new kitchen is to be installed. This could all be avoided with kitchen spraying, the re-painting of existing kitchen cupboards, provided they are in good condition.

Below are the benefits of having your kitchen cupboards resprayed and also an outline of the work involved:

Kitchen Spraying Has Certain Benefits

Cheaper than a full replacement kitchen

Fully replacing your kitchen can run into £1000’s especially if you consider the cost of the kitchen fitting company ripping out the old kitchen and disposing of it. New kitchen units, replacement kitchen doors and drawer fronts can soon start to mount up, and this doesn’t include any new appliances you may need. On average a brand new kitchen in the UK costs a whopping £8000 according to Household Quotes, this figure doesn’t include fitting! 

For a lot of homeowners this is a substantial amount of money, and one of the reasons that kitchen spraying is becoming more and more popular. Respraying your existing kitchen will cost a fraction of the price of a newly installed kitchen. If your cupboard doors and drawer fronts are in good condition they can easily be resprayed. This solution is great if you simply wanted to update and modernise the colour scheme of your kitchen.

This option is also fantastic for landlords looking to quickly and cost effectively improve the look of the kitchens in the properties, whether they are looking for new tenants or sprucing it up for existing tenants.

Faster turnaround

If you were to get your entire kitchen replaced you would first need to get your kitchen fitter to come round and “measure up”. They will visit your property and accurately measure your kitchen area, they would then need to go away and produce a drawing / plan of what units your new kitchen needs. Then you will have to choose the range of new units to install. Finally then you will need to order your new units and wait weeks for delivery. In the meantime, you will have to remove your old kitchen and get rid of it somehow. Once the new units have been delivered the kitten fitter then has to spend a week fitting it.

All of this can take up a huge amount of time, whereas if you opted to have your existing kitchen sprayed the entire job can be done in just a couple of days!

Wide range of colours available

When having a kitchen respray there are literally hundreds of colours available to choose from, spraying companies can usually colour match to anything you like so you can get that perfect look you always wanted. Common colour ranges are from the RAL colour range, but the high quality and increasingly more fashionable Farrow & Ball range of colours are also available.

Less Intrusive  & Less Messy

If you were to go for a full kitchen replacement it can get extremely messy very quickly. Dust from removing the old units can cover the surfaces in your home, you can expect to continually have to be cleaning all of the rooms in your home until the new units are in place.

Ripping out a kitchen is also highly intrusive in how you live your life from day to day, how are you going to cook your meals? wash the pots? Will you be washing your plates and mugs in the bath for a couple of weeks until your new kitchen is complete?

With spraying, there is relatively no mess at all, cupboard doors are taken away and sprayed off site, and the only real mess made is with the masking films and paper used to cover surfaces which don’t need a new colour applying. These masking materials are easily bagged up and disposed of in your wheelie bin, there is no need to hire expensive skips!

The Spraying Process

Preparation Before Spraying

Before spray paints can be applied to your kitchen doors and drawer fronts they must be thoroughly cleaned to remove all dirt, grease and grime common in every kitchen. Failing to clean can prevent the new colour from adhering to the surfaces properly, and it would likely peel off in no time at all.

Doors Removed & Units Masked

Doors and drawer fronts are removed from the units prior to spraying. Most spraying companies will carefully transport them back to their industrial unit where they are sprayed in a dust free environment.

For feature panels in the kitchen that cannot be removed, they are thoroughly masked off using masking paper, polythene and masking tape. This is to ensure that there is no “overspray” on any surface not meant to have a new colour applied.

Spray Coating

Spray coating is the only real way to achieve a professional finish when painting a kitchen. Some DIY methods you may see on YouTube make use of small sponge rollers, although the finish with these rollers is far superior than that of a paint brush, nothing beats the finish you can achieve with a spray gun!


With the expense of fully replacing your kitchen costing an average of £8000 here in the UK, many homeowners and landlords are looking for more cost effective ways to extend the lifespan of their kitchen cupboard doors, giving them a newer more modern look. One of the best ways to do this is to spray paint them in a new sleek colour which matches the rest of the home decor.


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