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Is Your Kitchen Ready For Christmas

The displays may have been up for a good few months in shop windows already, but it’s now officially time to start thinking about Christmas. It’s around this time of year that families get together to celebrate, eating and drinking in indulgent quantities.

Whether you’re looking forward to having your friends and relatives around over the festive period or not, you need to ensure your kitchen is Christmas-ready. Check out our guide to the things you need to consider this Christmas, and don’t allow kitchen stresses to get you down.


Is Your Oven Big Enough?

It’s not just the festive turkey you’ll be cooking on Christmas day, there is also a tide of party food which needs to be prepped and cooked. Your kitchen will be more like a production line if you can’t fit more than one or two trays of food in your oven. The best type of cooker for this situation is one with multiple hobs and at least two oven compartments, giving you enough different cooking options and enough room to cook multiple items at once. This is a great time to assess your cooking set up to decide whether you need to splash out on something bigger.

The Ease of Freeze

We freeze our food all the time these days, but you can bet that when it comes to your Christmas preparation you’ll be needing more than your conventional freezer. Sausage rolls, turkey, bread and other nibbles will be needed in large quantities – usually purchased on a large shopping trip before the supermarkets begin to close. For these purposes you’re better off with a chest freezer, allowing you to organise the flow of your food better and giving you room to move things around when you need to rummage. Possibly not suitable for many kitchens, either a side utility room or in the garage is the best place for a chest freezer.

Dishwasher Strain

The classic scenario for many hosts is to be stuck washing endless pots, plates and glasses, having slaved over the cooking all day. That needn’t be the case this Christmas. With dishwashers available with bigger capacities and boasting greater efficiency, you can take a more hands-off approach.

To greater reduce the need for manual washing, try drafting in some festive plastic cups and plates when the party element of the festive period arrives. These are usually recyclable and make tidying up after a buffet far easier.

Ice On Tap

A big part of the celebrations relies on the drinks to be flowing, whether you’re serving alcoholic cocktails or simple fizzy drinks, your guests will be expecting to plonk a couple of ice cubes in each beverage. For this reason you should invest in a fridge-freezer with an ice dispenser, allowing your guests to serve themselves and freeing up precious space in the freezer where you might ordinarily be balancing ice cube trays on top of other items.

Having all your major appliances working of the holidays is vital, keeping everything running smoothly and giving you more time to celebrate and enjoy the company of your guests. If you’re in need of emergency repairs in the run-up to Christmas, look no further than Domex. You needn’t pray for a Christmas miracle, simply contact our team and we’ll arrange for professional repairs on any of your major appliances in need of attention.


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