How to add bold colours into your kitchen

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How to add bold colours into your kitchen

We’ve seen an increase in bold and vibrant colour schemes making their way into kitchen designs throughout 2019 and it’s only going to get more colourful as we move through 2020! Bright shades and strong contrasting palettes can add personality into any space. Colour is a powerful tool to alter the mood of a kitchen, change the perception of a space and draw attention to certain features. 

Striking colours are often bold and daring. Predictions in the Pantone colour trend report steer towards a colour palette that is sophisticated and strong. Now is the perfect time to add some flair into your kitchen and transform it into a modern, chic space.

Introducing Colour

The trick to introducing colour and ensuring it’s not overwhelming is by strategically choosing certain shades for selected areas of the room. For instance, lighter and brighter tones are most flattering in smaller kitchens and practical areas used for cooking, as it uplifts the room and stimulates energy. Darker and softer shades can provide a more relaxed atmosphere, as they create a subtle ambience, perfect for areas dedicated to socialising. 

Another way to introduce a pop of colour into large or small spaces is by pairing with a kitchen worktop in a neutral shade. Neutral shades, such as marble effect worktops create a beautifully striking visual contrast and work in harmony against a wide range of colour backdrops, whether it’s a bright green or muted blue. 

If you’re opting for bright colours such as oranges and yellows to create your own contemporary kitchen, a white work surface will provide a clean and softer feel, draw in more light to create an illusion of a wider open space and become the focal point of the kitchen. A grey kitchen worktop will also blend seamlessly with colours such as light pastels, as well as dark, strong hues, giving you the option of transforming the look of your kitchen by just updating the colour scheme on your walls. 

Be mindful of going too bold

While incorporating colour has many advantages, daring colours can be quite daunting. The colours chosen for the kitchen don’t necessarily need to be bold. For those of us that prefer something a little more subtle, pastel shades can still create a distinct look, especially when clever accessorising choices are made.

You don’t need to renovate in order to introduce colour

For those that don’t want the commitment of renovating their kitchen interior, adding accents of colour can look just as effective and can create a more interesting, minimalistic feel. By incorporating some small colourful appliances, kitchen utensils, blinds and modern gadgets, you can inject some character while keeping larger spaces and more costly parts of the modern kitchen as timeless as possible. This is more cost-effective and gives you the option to change up your kitchen colour palette effortlessly. 

Guest post by CRL Stone, an award-winning supplier of quartz and ceramic kitchen worktop.


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