How much will a new kitchen cost in 2024 and how to save money?

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How Much Will A New Kitchen Cost in 2024 and How To Save Money?

According to Checkatrade’s research, in 2023 the average cost for a budget kitchen renovation in the UK is around £6,200, but this can greatly vary. The final price depends on several factors, including the kitchen’s size and layout, the materials used, and the project’s overall complexity. The range for a full kitchen renovation on a budget typically stretches from £6,200 to £16,800. 

As we look towards 2024, with the cost of living on the rise, we can anticipate these figures to either remain steady or possibly increase. A helpful way to estimate your kitchen renovation budget is to consider it as about 5 to 10 percent of your home’s value. This approach gives you a tailored budget that aligns with your property’s overall worth.

Now that we understand the typical cost range for kitchen renovations in the UK, let’s explore how it’s possible to keep these costs down. Managing your kitchen renovation budget effectively and with precision is key to achieving a beautiful, functional space without overspending. From selecting cost-effective materials to understanding where to invest and where to save, we’ll guide you through making informed decisions that align with your financial plan and renovation goals.

Worktop Wisdom: Finding Quality and Value

The cost of kitchen worktops can vary significantly based on material and quality. Granite worktops, a popular choice for their durability and aesthetic appeal, can be particularly pricey. 

A great alternative to consider is wood worktops. Wood offers a warm and natural look, bringing a cosy and inviting feel to your kitchen. Not only are they generally more affordable than granite, but wood worktops also provide versatility in terms of design and can complement a wide range of kitchen styles. In addition to this, savvy shoppers can find affordable options by sourcing online.

Online retailers often offer competitive prices for high-quality solid wood worktops, substantially reducing costs compared to traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Moreover, opting for bespoke cutting services online can further trim expenses. By precisely tailoring worktops to specific kitchen dimensions, homeowners eliminate the need for costly professional adjustments, leading to a more economical renovation.

Unit Economics: Smart Choices in Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen units are a major component in any kitchen renovation, contributing significantly to the overall cost. The price for kitchen units will depend on factors like material, design, and customisation. To save money, consider purchasing flat-pack kitchen units. These units, which require self-assembly, are often more affordable than pre-assembled options.

Additionally, exploring various suppliers can reveal significant price differences. Choosing less expensive materials or simpler designs can also reduce costs without compromising quality. For those comfortable with DIY, assembling the units personally can result in substantial savings on labour costs.

Savvy Appliance Selection: Balancing Price and Performance

The choice of appliances is crucial in a kitchen remodel, both in terms of functionality and budget. The range of kitchen appliances – from basic models to high-end smart appliances – means prices can vary widely. To economise, consider purchasing energy-efficient models that offer long-term savings through reduced energy bills. Look for seasonal sales or bundle deals to secure the best prices. 

Moreover, opting for refurbished or slightly used appliances can result in significant savings without sacrificing quality. It’s important to balance initial cost with durability and energy consumption for the best value over time.

Tile and Splashback Budgeting: Stylish Yet Affordable Choices

Tiles and splashback add both functionality and aesthetic appeal to a kitchen. The cost for these elements can be influenced by the choice of material, design complexity, and area size. 

Ceramic tiles, for instance, are a cost-effective option that doesn’t compromise style or durability. To save, homeowners might consider tiling only critical areas or using tiles as accent features alongside more affordable wall coverings. 

DIY tiling is another way to reduce expenses, though it requires some skill to achieve professional-looking results. 

Alternatively, choosing adhesive splashback panels offers a budget-friendly and easy-to-install solution.

Skillful Savings: Slash Costs If You’re Handy

While DIY approaches in kitchen renovations may seem like a route to significant savings, it’s essential to approach these tasks with caution. Engaging in activities like assembling furniture, installing worktops, and tiling requires a certain level of DIY skills. 

Although bypassing professional labour costs seems financially advantageous, the reality can be quite different. DIY projects, especially for those with limited experience, can often extend the duration of the renovation. This prolonged timeframe not only disrupts daily life but can also inadvertently increase costs in terms of time and resources. 

Furthermore, the risks of improperly executed DIY tasks should not be underestimated. Mistakes made during the process can lead to additional, unforeseen expenses, potentially outweighing the initial savings. Thus, for those not fully confident in their DIY capabilities, it might be wiser to reserve simpler tasks for themselves and delegate more complex installations to experienced professionals. 

This balanced approach helps maintain both budget and quality, ensuring the renovation’s success.

Conclusion: Crafting Your Cost-Effective Kitchen Dream

Understanding the costs of a new kitchen in 2024 is essential for effective budgeting. When planning a kitchen renovation, especially on a tight budget, it’s crucial to consider and compare all financing options, even if you have bad credit as a kitchen renovation in 2024 requires a careful balance between cost, quality, and personalisation.

By choosing materials wisely, considering DIY options, and sourcing products judiciously, homeowners can achieve a beautiful, functional kitchen without overspending.

Online shopping, seasonal sales, and energy-efficient choices offer avenues for cost savings. Ultimately, a well-planned kitchen remodel can enhance both the value and enjoyment of a home, proving to be a worthwhile investment.


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