Buying energy efficient appliances

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Buying Energy Efficient Appliances

Studies and various reports have shown that energy use in the home result in pollution more than cars. This is mainly because the energy used in homes is produced by fossil burning power plants. You should know that air pollution leads to global warming. One way that homes can reduce their contribution to air pollution is by the use of appliances and gadgets that are energy efficient. The use of energy efficient appliances reduces both air pollution and even the energy bills.

What Are Energy Saving Appliances

Saving energy means saving money. If you intend to purchase home appliances, here are some useful suggestions. Take some time to find out the energy consumption of the appliance that you intend to purchase. Even if you spend a lot of money on a model which is energy-efficient, you will be reducing your utility bill.

All appliances look similar from the outside, and so prior to buying one, determine the space it will occupy at home or in the office. If you plan to purchase a fridge for instance, ensure there is enough room to be able to fully open the door. Therefore consider the style and size of every appliance before you purchase it.

Prior to purchasing a home appliance, go through the black and yellow energy guide label which is often attached to many of the newest appliances. The label shows the quantity of energy used by an appliance in a yearly basis. Before you buy an appliance, compare the efficiency of different brands. Several brands offer cash rebates for promoting their products and encourage people to purchase energy efficient appliances.

Energy Star Appliances

USA set the international standard in 1992 for energy efficiency appliances such as consumer products. The standard called “Energy Star” was adopted by countries like the European Union, New Zealand, Japan, New, Taiwan and Australia.

The Environment Protection Agency together with the Department of Energy in the US established a label called “Energy Star” to aid consumers in saving cash on energy bills and in minimizing air pollution.
Some of the appliances having the logo of “Energy Star” include dryers, dishwashers, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, energy saving lights and kettles. An appliance is said to be efficient in energy consumption if the energy it needs is below the minimal energy that is set by the government agencies, and is then given the symbol of an “Energy Star”. Such rated appliances are becoming common in the market today.
Some appliances that account for 20% energy consumption are dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines. A refrigerator that is energy efficient consumes energy less than a 75-watt bulb that is left to run continuously, therefore it is wise to buy one with the “Energy Star” symbol.

You may save cash on the energy utility bills if you use energy saving appliances. This not only saves on the energy bills but reduce air pollution too.


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