7 common kitchen design mistakes you should avoid

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7 Common Kitchen Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

The kitchen is like the haven of everyone within a household—it’s the best place to grab something to munch for that grumbling tummy and the only area where you should be able to cook efficiently. On the contrary—if not enough attention is given—it can become quite one hell of a mess.

And before you know it, your kitchen may have already been devouring the sanity out of you. So if you want to make a paradise and a true refuge out of your kitchen, here are 7 common kitchen design Mistakes you should avoid.


Avoid Using a Professional Designer

Interior designers that are specialized in the kitchen setting always do sound like a great deal. Every wise homeowner will opt to such professionals simply because they know their craft better than anyone else—neither a plumber nor a carpenter can outmanoeuvre their connoisseurship.

While you have preferences, they know better. For instance, you want a granite counter-top, but based on their smartest analytics, it would be detrimental or at least ineffective for your kitchen’s entirety. Rather than going your way instantaneously, they will endorse their recommendations with all persuasiveness.

Furthermore, kitchen professionals deserve all the conviction they can get considering the fact that they have studied—with all intelligibility—their expertise.

Corner Space Planning

Ever heard of the “Kitchen Triangle?” In case you haven’t, it’s the route around the fridge, sink and oven. Whenever you’re making a rush meal, you may keep on hitting a corner (that gets quite irksome), to the point that you’d rather give the riddance of it for good. Proper coordination of the three elements should solve the issue—just give them enough space apart.

Forget to use Waste Storage Space

Where does used water go? Where does peeling and seeds of fruits of veggies go? The answer: to waste. For used water, that wouldn’t cause much a blab really—because it all goes down through the pipes that lie beneath your sink. But for solid materials … well, you’re sink should be able to provide resolution for them, too.

Just enhance it with an efficient waste disposer and a single nudge of the air switch should do the trick. Voila! You just saved yourself the hassle of accumulating binned craps.

Counter-top Work Space

Never leave any utensil on the counter-top when it is not in need as of the moment. Trust me, this will give you a sound mind (and may even push you to sing for joy) when you’re preparing any kind of dish.

Also, it would be best if the counter-top has a sink at the left or right end. That way, the water you use for cooking will have a place to freely flow—not spill on the floor and cause way too many hazards. Like slip and falling? Yes.

Poor Lighting

Cooking requires full vision, not a fool vision. What I’m trying to say is that give your kitchen the right task lighting, not something that will cause any inconvenience upon food preparation. Overhead or under-cabinet task lights should work best. If your shadow does not obscure the bright lighting source one way or the other, it should do well.

Forget to use Ventilate

So, you were cooking bacon and to your surprise, its smell hasn’t left for 2 days now. That’s not a problem. Why? Because it’s bacon! But what if you’re cooking something else? Say, salmon, milk fish or anything within the seafood category. Does that mean your kitchen will keep the stench, too?

It will if you don’t apply proper ventilation. However, you don’t really have to keep the windows open if it gives you some sort of discomfort. As a tip, crack a little part of a window—about a quarter of an inch should do. This will craft an airstream, giving you more adequate draw into the kitchen hood.

Ignore Your Recyclables

If you care enough about God’s green earth, then you should learn to recycle stuff. It would be for your own benefit, too. All you need is to create a proper segregation plan. For instance, store empty almond oil bottles in a cupboard while the unusable ones like ripped plastic meat bags fall into a freestanding trash bin.

Later on, you should find those recycled bottles useful when mixing other liquors, storing used oil or what have you. Additionally, lesser and lighter trash to throw on your end.

The kitchen is indeed one of the most vital divisions of any home. With that said, you should definitely think smart with how you design your kitchen—everything must be well thought because every wrong decision has a facing circumstance.


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