6 ways to make your kitchen seem bigger

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6 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Seem Bigger

Domex Appliance Store argue that the kitchen is one of those areas that we all wish we could add more space to. Luckily, there are several ways that you can use your existing space but still make your kitchen seem bigger.

#1 – Make Counters a Clutter-free Zone

Clutter Free Kitchen Counter

Keeping counters free from clutter will massively enhance the illusion of space in your kitchen and that is why we’ve made it our number 1 tip.

There are all sorts of tips that we can suggest that will help you to move items that you’d usually have kept on a surface to other areas of the kitchen which we will discuss in this article.

#2 – Use Your Wall Space Wisely

Use Wall Space

Instead of piling stuff onto your kitchen worktops or into cupboards and making the kitchen a cluttered mess, utilising your wall space can make a huge improvement to your kitchen.

Installing rails can be a very cheap and simple way to move pots and pans out of the cupboards and free up a lot of space. A rail from Ikea can be a perfect solution for this. Install the rail and then get some strong hooks and you can hang your pots and pans from it to also add a bit of rustic charm to your kitchen.

#3 – Opt for Integrated Appliances

Integrated Appliances

Image Credit: Houzz

Wherever possible, it can be worth choosing to go for integrated appliances over their freestanding counterparts. Freestanding appliances often jut out and break up the clean lines of a kitchen, whereas integrated appliances are obviously built to fit in perfectly.

It sounds very simple as a tip and we’re not disputing that for a second, but such a simple change can make a massive difference in a kitchen. Having nice clean lines can really help to accentuate the kitchen and create the illusion of having more space.

These integrated appliances are perfect for the job: Beko WMI71641 Integrated Washing Machine and the Beko BC73F Integrated Fridge/Freezer.

#4 – Double Your Shelf Space

Shelf Tidy

Shelf tidies can be an absolute lifesaver when it comes to maximising the space that you’ve got.

A simple shelf tidy like the one pictured is low-cost and allows you to stack your items neatly, meaning you can often double or triple the space that you have within your shelves.

You can also use this tip for things like tins, spices and other food items.

#5 – Work the Corners

Corner Shelving

Image Credit: flickr

The corners of the kitchen are often left neglected and are thought of as unusable space. But they can become great places to store pots, crockery or even cookbooks.

Cookbooks, in particular, can be a huge space-drain in the kitchen. They’re bulky and unforgiving in terms of flexibility – and that’s why they’re great to store in the corners.

#6 – Use Lighter Colours

Light Kitchen

Utilising lighter colours when you decorate your kitchen can pay dividends in terms of how light it is during daylight hours and the amount of space it seems to have.

Tricks as simple as painting your cupboard doors in a light colour and having light flooring can flood the space with natural light – meaning it seems much bigger than it actually is.

So, the great news is that even if you don’t feel that your kitchen is the biggest, it can still be made to look that way with just a few minor tweaks. With just a bit of work, you can create a kitchen area that is absolutely beautiful.

Written by Ross at Domex Appliance Store.


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