The art of colour matching while building an extension

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The Art of Colour Matching while Building an Extension

Older buildings are full of character and history. However, building an extension on a period property can be difficult, especially when it comes to matching bricks and mortar. The older your property, the less likely you are to find the original materials. Modern building equipment has come a long way in the last fifty years, and the options are simply staggering for those looking to build upon rustic architecture. 

A poorly matched extension can ruin the appearance of a property. Your bricks and roofing need to match to create a seamlessly blended extension. Here are a few things to bear in mind if you want to colour match building materials with your existing property. 


Reclaimed Bricks

There are several factors to consider when matching bricks, including colour, size, texture and logistical processes. Reclaimed bricks offer the same character as your existing property, and you might be able to find an exact match.

Check out your local salvage yard and source a match that has aged naturally. Reclaimed materials are more sustainable and a better environmental option than brand-new bricks. 

New Bricks 

Of course, sometimes, manufacturing new bricks to match your old ones is a little more convenient than digging through scrap yards. You can hire a bespoke brick matching service for free and offer a sample of your existing bricks. Newly-made bricks can last for up to 150 years and are usually the highest quality bricks you can get. 

Brick Tinting

Brick tinting uses a chemical and oxide solution with multiple dyes to match new bricks to the existing ones. This changes the original colour of the print so that even as the brick ages, the colour will not change. 

Match your Mortar as well

If you are going to spend money on matching bricks, your mortar should match as well. Check to see if the existing mortar is crumbling or in bad condition – you may need to replace the mortar throughout your existing property too. All of your building supplies should match the existing property to create a cohesive feel. 

To get an exact mortar match, you need to figure out what it is made of. Take a sample of the existing mortar to a specialist to separate the sand and determine the material. Simple!


Stone is a lot harder to match than brick and mortar. Stone is a natural material that has many variations in colour, tone and texture. Stone cannot be manufactured to match the existing materials in your property. However, it’s good to start with the quarry that made your existing stone and see if you can match it from there. 

You could always have your original stone jet washed to reveal the original colour. It’s best to consult a specialist for stonework as there is a lot to consider with the matching process. 


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