Home renovations can be a step toward a ‘greener’ home

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Home Renovations can be a Step Toward a ‘Greener’ Home

Being green is becoming a more popular way of living these days. People are becoming more aware of how to live a better life and ensure the planet is protected for the future of our children and animals.

One of the first places to begin is in the home. Our homes can easily be changed to be a more cleaner and eco friendly environment to live in. Some home renovations are more costly than others here are some ways to becoming greener.


But, if some of the jobs are initially costly you will certainly get your money back in the long term. Even if you come to sell your home having an energy efficient home is a good selling point for buyers. Most homes need to by law state how energy efficient they are now so whatever you spend will be worth it.

Renovating your home towards being greener can also help reduce energy bills, and lower the costs of bills. Take time to look at the way your house is constructed, and check fitments to observe how efficient they are. The roof is a good place to start. It may need replacing with better quality wood and tiles, but it is the first place heat escape.

Does it have adequate insulation to prevent heat being lost? This is one of the first places to improve when renovating. Special materials are available now to insulate the outside of your home and keep the heat inside. Though the initial cost can be expensive in insulating the entire building it will certainly be money well spent to save on money and conserve energy.

Easy ways also include turning down the thermostat on the heating system a few degrees. Over a year it is a big saving. Switch off the water when in between brushing your teeth and shampooing your hair. Instead of buying expensive cleaning products to clean your home why not look at using alternatives that are less harmful such as vinegar, lemon juice, salt and bicarbonate soda.

All are inexpensive cleaning products and not harmful to the environment and often stored in the kitchen cupboard. These easy tips help conserve the resources of the planet and reduce the consumption.

One of the most efficient ways of helping lower energy consumption is to install better windows and doors. Old styles can cause draught and leaks, so all of your heat will escape. Invest in good quality windows throughout that are sealed and long lasting for the most effective methods of keeping in the heat. Check any other areas that may have draughts and take steps to stop them. Special inexpensive products can be purchased to help reduce them and conserve the heat in your home.

Investing in energy saving appliances that use less water and electricity help use less energy. Solar panels can be a costly investment but are a great answer to obtaining electricity. Changing light bulbs to long lasting energy saving fitments will save money and last longer than ordinary light bulbs.

Outside you could place water buts under down pipes to collect rainwater for watering the garden. Make compost and all of your vegetable peelings, teabags and coffee grinds can be recycled as opposed to throwing away in the rubbish. Recycle other waste such as paper, plastic, glass, metal and glass to be greener. Light your outdoors with solar powered lamps that run from the energy of the daylight.

There are lots of ways to renovate your home. Look for more ideas on the internet and help to make it a greener place to live for everyone; it will help make you feel better about taking care of the planet.


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