Caring for your home inside and out

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Caring for Your Home Inside and Out

Your home is the place where you’ll probably spend most of your time, so it deserves plenty of attention and care put into it. You want to make sure your living space is not only tailored to your personal style and personality but also that it’s functional for your daily life and allows you to do everything you need.

Exterior Home Care

Garden Lawns

Your garden can be a remarkable place for relaxing, also long as you’ve maintained it. Ensuring you don’t have a wild woodland for a garden requires regular maintenance. With many tasks involved in looking after your garden you should always start by breaking down the different landscaping maintenance tasks into specific categories; by the time of year (seasonal), regular maintenance, like mowing your lawn, and creating a schedule.

The most regular of tasking will always be mowing the grass and maintaining the lawns health. It’s important to water it once or twice a week, preferably in the early morning or late afternoon, this will give you the best chance of keeping it healthy and green. 
You may also want to consider investing in products that can assist with promoting your lawn’s health, such as fertilisers, for enhanced growth, and weed killers, to prevent your garden becoming overrun with weeds. If you’re a die hard fan of the perfect lawn, you can ramp up your dedication by creating a golf course look by utilising products from a local or online golf course lawn store.

Gutters And Roofs

Another major element in caring for your home’s exteriors is looking after the roof above your head and the gutters. It’s recommended that you give your roof and gutters a thorough cleaning at least twice a year to keep them in tip-top condition. Ideally, it’ll be once in spring and again towards the end of autumn this way you’ll prevent debris from collecting and causing water damage to your home. 

To clean your gutters, start by removing any debris by hand or with a scoop. Then, utilise a garden hose to flush the remaining debris and muck through the gutters and into downpipes. Once your gutters are clean, use a pressure washer to clean your roof tiles, lifting dirt, and blasting off debris, or moss that may have accumulated over the months. By regularly cleaning your gutters and roof, you can prevent costly damage to your home and prolong its lifespan. 

External Walls

External wall cleaning and painting are also important aspects of maintaining your home’s exterior. Scrubbing your walls with a mixture of water, chlorine bleach, and a concentrated cleaner can remove dirt and grime, leaving your walls looking fresh and clean. Pressure washing can also be an effective way to clean your walls and remove any built-up dirt or stains.

Touching up paint where needed, making repairs, and re-grouting can also make a significant difference in your home’s curb appeal. By regularly cleaning and maintaining your home’s exterior walls, you can extend your property’s lifespan, and prevent costly projects from popping up out of the blue all whilst protecting it from the elements.

Interior Home Care


The inside of your home is just as important as the outside, if not more so as that is the part you live in. Naturally as we go about our busy lives things will move around and your home will always require regular cleaning and organising to keep it in a condition that’s habitable. 

From washing pots, bedsheet sheets and towels to vacuuming, mopping the floors and dusting surfaces. Just live with the exterior of your property you’ll have tasks that are more regular than others. Again it’s best to create a schedule of the things you need to do daily, weekly, monthly and sporadically. You’ll also want to note which tasks you consider “deep cleaning” and how often you’ll do them and whether or not you’ll get professionals in to do it. 

Repairs And Maintenance

Not only do you need to keep your home clean, but homeowners should also prioritise repairs and maintenance tasks to ensure their home stays in good condition and doesn’t fall into despair.

This includes checking for signs of damage or cracks in plaster, faulty plumbing and pest infestation. Regular maintenance and checks can help prevent costly repairs at a later date, after all, it’s better to spend a penny today instead of a pound tomorrow. Homeowners can create seasonal checklists to keep track of necessary checks and act accordingly with repairs and updates.

You’ll also want to keep elements of your home in good working order. Anything to do with your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning are prime examples of things that will always need to be checked periodically. The last thing you want is to need them, and them not working.

Caring for your home can be simple if you keep track of everything you need to do, make lists, set reasonable goals and expectations for yourself, and separate tasks by interior and exterior. Remember that your top priority should always be ensuring your home is safe with the second priority being to make your home a comfortable and hygienic space for you and your family.


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