7 ways to cut remodeling costs without sacrificing quality

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7 Ways to Cut Remodeling Costs Without Sacrificing Quality

Remodeling a home is seen as a large investment which should not involve compromising when it comes to quality. If your budget is not what you would like it to be, there are still ways you can go about it and do a quality remodeling.


Go by the List

Have you noticed that you spend significantly less money if you carry a shopping list? It also prevents you from forgetting things. If you want to bring structure into your home remodel, create a list of all the little projects involved in it. You can further elaborate by setting a budget per remodel and per each item on the list.

You can record your expenses and tick off things as you go through them one by one. You can also use it to schedule projects as it is wise to do them in a certain order to avoid doing the same job twice.


Let’s start from the obvious shelf, shall we? Doing things, yourself, as opposed to hiring contractors to do them is often the quickest way to save money while remodeling. There are plenty of tasks you can perform without major consequences even if you are a beginner.

These involve painting, laying floors, tiling, to building furniture, reupholstering, and doing the actual construction work, depending on your skill level. To help you out, being DIY has never been easier, since there are so many available tutorials on pretty much any project, targeting all the major issues and offering different approaches.

A DIY Architect

Not every project requires the work of an architect. There are even some smaller projects that don’t even require building permits. If you are looking to replace certain features, feature for feature, or laying a new roof of similar materials, it is pretty much safe to draw the plans on your own. However, if the work does require building permits for example demolishing a load-bearing wall be sure to acquire the proper permit beforehand.

Know your DIY limits

It is nice to have a hands-on approach; however, it can turn out to cost you more in the long run unless you are confident you can get the work done without causing any structural, or otherwise permanent damage to your home. If you are doing large structural remodels, redoing the attic, or building a large extension, you will need the help of an architect, not only to draw a plan which will grant you a permit but to tell you what you can or cannot do.

According to Sphere Constructions company, the same goes for any DIY stuff involving plumbing or electricity, as well as prep work you think you can do for contractors. Plumbing and electricity require permits. Prep work, including demolish, is essential for doing the actual job well, and often contractors won’t give you warranty as they did not do the prep work themselves.

Reuse and work with what you have

Old tiling or dated wooden floor does not always require ripping out and replacement. You can simply refinish certain surfaces such as kitchen cabinets, windows, floors, and decks. Perhaps the existing materials can impose certain limitations, but you can compromise and find equally beautiful solutions while preserving money.

Perhaps your old floor can no longer get that honey-like light wood colour, but it can look brand new with a coat of a dark colour. Furthermore, if you can preserve some of the building materials, doors and windows and even concrete during the demolishing faze, you could reuse them later on in the project, or for a future one such as concrete worktops or kitchen counters.

Know where to shop

If you are dedicated to getting a lower price, you need to know where to look for the things you need. Even though you may think that large supply stores can afford to have better prices, smaller retailers will often offer more attractive discounts and payment plans to attract the customers.

Also, make a note that stores have end-of-season sale and that you can get excellent deals if you only plan ahead of time and allow yourself a couple of weeks or even months to fish for discounts. Garage sales, auctions, and generally places with used goods can often guarantee you unique finds at affordable prices.

Do things gradually

Remember, you don’t have to finish everything at once, as long as you have a liveable home. Don’t get your credit card out, as often, it sounds like a good payment plan and you can get the credit card points of the purchase, but you will incur interest rates which make this affair less than cost-efficient. If you enjoy that with a credit card you do not have to pay everything at once, you can simply put money aside and wait till you have enough cash to continue your project.

Remodelling with money is much easier then on a budget, but as you can see it’s not all that bad. On one side when you are on a strict budget the project is much more hands on, you are more engaged more in control. And some people love that, they need to manage everything but on the other hand you waste much more time then when you just pay a construction company to do the whole job.


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