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The Best Home Office Technology

The coronavirus pandemic has changed all our lives in a lot of ways and many things will never be the same again. One area that has been particularly affected is the world of work. After being told in March 2020 to work from home if they could, many people have found that they not only quite like it, but can even work more effectively that way. Not to mention that it makes things like childcare and waiting in for deliveries or tradespeople less of a logistical minefield.

Moving forward, many companies are accepting that their staff are likely to be carrying on working from home for at least a few days a week, which presents those people with the challenge of making their home office not only a permanent feature, but also one that fits in as seamlessly with their home life as possible. 

The right home office technology can certainly make that more achievable, so here are a few of the best gadgets for your home office that we think can help.


Dual & triple-screen laptop monitor

Running twin monitors is already popular with those who need to keep a number of windows open at a time to do their work effectively, but that’s not always been a practical option with a laptop. 

Multitasking on multiple screens becomes far easier with monitors that can be magnetically attached to the side of your laptop – and with one on each side, that could even allow you to work across three screens at the same time. Or, more realistically, work across two screens and keep an eye on your personal emails, social media sites of choice, stocks and shares or Spotify playlist on the other.

Eero Pro 6

Working from home means we’re subject to the vagaries of whichever broadband service we’re signed up with or is available in our area. And if the best place in the house for your office just happens to be the furthest spot from the router, that’s another thing to contend with. Not to mention someone else in the house suddenly starting online gaming just as you’re going onto a crucial Zoom call.

Adding an Eero Pro 6 to your set-up will ensure every corner of your house has the same high bandwidth, no matter how many others are online at the same time. And with the entry-level version offering an impressive 140 square metres of coverage, it might just make working in the garden a more feasible proposition as well!

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

We’re used to noises in the office, but when you’re working from home there’s a whole new world of distraction waiting to disrupt your day’s labours. Whether it’s all the neighbours mowing the lawn one after the other on the same sunny afternoon, the intercity train powering its way past your house every half hour, or the people in the flat above walking across their wooden floor in what sounds like hobnailed boots, good noise-cancelling headphones can shut them all out and enclose you in a productive blanket of peace. 

Cubii JR1 Seated Under Desk Elliptical Machine

Despite the absence of the commute, if you’re slotting home tasks in between the work ones, you may find that you don’t have quite as much extra time in your life as you thought you were going to. And if the trip to the gym was something you did on the way into or back home from the office, that might have gone by the board in the switch to home working. So finding exercise time may have become something of a struggle. It may not represent quite the same level of workout, but an elliptical machine can keep your lower half active as you work, especially if you set it to a high resistance level.

A foldable Bluetooth keyboard

Separating office from home for those who don’t have the luxury of a dedicated office space can be a real problem. Packing up so that work doesn’t intrude on your home life can be an important part of the day, and your office will pack away even better with a folding keyboard!

Home Vending Machine

There’s no shortage of gadgets that will make your home office a more productive or welcoming space, but even we have to admit that installing a vending machine in your spare bedroom might be a step too far. Nevertheless, be sure to keep something at hand to provide you with snacks and drinks to help you make it through the day, even if that’s just a high-quality coffee machine or even a popcorn maker!

If you are feeling brave and bold and thinking about installing a vending machine at home you’ll need to reach out to a vending specialist like Nu Vending. They offer a range of food vending machines and drinks dispensers to help you with your ideal home office.


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