Winter proof your garden, why our garden needs a log cabin

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Winter proof your Garden, why our Garden Needs a Log Cabin

With winter right around the corner it’s time to think about getting as cosy and comfortable as possible. With darker days and much colder conditions, you’ll likely be spending more time indoors this winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your garden entirely.

A log cabin is one of the most relaxing and unique ways to enjoy the winter months, offering a peaceful retreat right in your own garden. That’s why this month we’re looking at the how a log cabin might be just the thing you’re looking for.


Natural warmth

Wood is one of the most effective insulators around, capturing heat and storing it for later use. This makes a log cabin a naturally warm environment, even in the harshest cold. With timber, heat is stored and dissipated later as it cools, so you can enjoy a cosy temperature throughout the day and night.

Properly constructed, airtight log cabins will ensure a stable temperature at all times. Heat generated from internal heating solutions will be absorbed in the wood, preventing it from escaping outside, and colder conditions will also be stopped from entering through the timber. A log cabin can be a comprehensive insulator, with wall insulation often rendered unnecessary. The roof and floor might require some attention, but other than that a log cabin will benefit from a natural warmth, perfect for autumn or winter evenings.


A great complement to heat retention is the breathability of timber, which helps prevent humidity and moist conditions, meaning you don’t have to worry about ventilation systems. Log cabins are efficient, in that they take care of environmental changes largely on their own. Log cabins react to humidity levels inside and out, absorbing moisture as needed to maintain steady, clean air moisture levels. This means internal environment is kept comfortable in any condition; never too humid and never too dry, without having to rely on ventilation systems, or open windows which can lead to draughts and loss of heat.

Protection from extreme weather

Along with heat retention, log cabins also offer impressive resistance to heady winter conditions like rain, snow and ice. Log cabins have a rich, deep history of protection in the wilderness, and that still holds true today. The winter in the UK can become extreme, with snowfall coming thick and fast as the season draws on. A log cabin will remain the ideal winter retreat regardless of the weather. Temperatures can drop dramatically outside when the snow and frost hits, but you’ll be unaffected between your timber walls. Sturdy construction means no gaps or room for draughts, so the rain and winter weather is kept handily at bay.

Strength and longevity

Log cabins are built to last, provided they are maintained with a level of professional care. Investing in one now doesn’t only benefit you this winter, you can enjoy using it for years to come no matter the season. Basic periodic maintenance of the wood to prevent any cracks or splits is necessary, but beyond that there’s little to think about. As long as your cabin is built properly, with proper planning to accommodate aspects like ‘settling’, and the natural changes in the wood itself, your cabin can last for decades.

Bespoke character

Log cabins provide character to your home that cannot be replicated or found elsewhere. With bespoke design, a log cabin brings distinction suited to your tastes. Each cut of wood has its own character, with individual differences that add up to form a distinctive whole. It is through the design and construction that a garden log cabin shines.

If you’d like a garden retreat, then it should feel separate from your home and the surroundings. On the outside and inside, you should feel like you’re engaging with something truly special. A bespoke log cabin provides that feeling. Designed with your needs in mind, it is your own from the beginning. The character and design of the cabin can be catered to your tastes and requirements, so you can enjoy a quality log cabin that is built and designed for you, in a garden of any size or shape.


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