Where to install a water feature in your garden

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Where To Install A Water Feature In Your Garden

Water features make for excellent decorative accessories in gardens, not only are they enjoyable to look at but they also create a calming, serene feeling thanks to the gentle sounds of trickling water.

Choosing the right water feature and placing it in a suitable location does however require more consideration than you may think. Water features can be placed in several different areas of a garden and will blend seamlessly into the natural environment if you choose wisely. Thanks to Outdoor Living, this guide should provide some inspiration for placing your water feature in your garden. 

A Focal Point Of Your Garden

If you wish to create a centrepiece for your garden, a water feature could be the ideal addition. Water features like large natural stone spheres or vases make for perfect centrepieces. Due to their size they they won’t feel out of place in the centre of your garden as the main focal point. With this particular placement, you can then decorate around your water feature, both with plants and other garden accessories.

Amongst Your Plants 

If you’re not keen on overly large decorative features but still wish to incorporate the element of water into your garden, a good area to place your water feature is amongst the plants. Most small water features will fit perfectly into planters or within garden borders. To maintain the natural look of these areas you may wish to opt for natural stone or woodland-style water features, since these blend in best with plants, trees, and shrubbery. 

Combine Your Water Feature With Your Pond 

For the water lovers, placing a water feature near to or around a pond, if you have one, will create a serene, tranquil area of your garden to enjoy the natural element of water. This water feature could even run directly into the pond, creating a seamless blend between two key sources of water in your garden.

Watercourses and streams are particularly popular for this type of garden placement since they incorporate a cascading design, making the water trickle downwards, very much in the style of a flowing river. 

Wall Water Feature

Another area to place a water feature is against or mounted on wall. This can be easily done using a wall water feature or free standing, tall water feature that can be lent against a garden wall or fence. This is particularly practical for smaller gardens that do not have the ground space or planter space to place a water feature in a more central position.

If you still wish to enjoy the sounds and design of a water feature but you have a small outdoor garden or just some patio space, a wall water feature is ideal. These can be purchased in a range of styles, but stone tends to be one of the most popular. 

Factors To Consider When Buying A Water Feature

Before you buy a water feature for your garden, not only should you be considering its placement but you’ll also want to think about several other factors. 

Size And Space Available

Obviously, you will want to ensure you have the space required for the dimensions of the water feature before you buy it. A water feature that is too large may look out of place in a small garden. Equally, though, you shouldn’t be put off from buying a larger water feature if you have the space for it, as a small water feature may not have the decorative effect you are hoping for and could easily be drowned out by the plants and trees.


Water features can really vary in price depending on their size, the materials used to make them and additional features such as lights. If you have a specific budget for your water feature it is best to shop around and find something that you truly love. Some water features can cost several thousands of pounds, so it is best to consider your budget before buying. 

Power Supply

If you have an external power source, you won’t have a problem powering your garden water feature. However, if you have no way of supplying power to an external water feature, it may be best to consider a solar power water feature, which is a great alternative and just as effective. 


There are hundreds of different styles of water features available. From contemporary stone to traditional, whimsical designs. To ensure your water feature blends perfectly with your garden, consider the style of your outdoor space and the design of your house.

Those with modern homes and limited green space may prefer to opt for minimal, contemporary style water features, rather than a traditional style. Whereas a gardener who prefers a natural space with plenty of flowers and greenery may be drawn towards a woodland-style water feature. 


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