What colour fence paint makes a garden look bigger?

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What Colour Fence Paint Makes a Garden Look Bigger?

Many people wish they had a bigger garden or outdoor space, and utilising existing space in the best possible way is something many homeowners consider. 

It’s unlikely that you’re going to be able to physically extend the surface area of your garden, so thinking of innovative ways to make a garden seem larger is often a consideration. One of the best ways to do this is to paint your garden fences a certain colour.

While it might seem strange, certain fence colours can actually give the impression that your garden is bigger than it really is.

In this article, we’ll examine the best fence paint if you’re looking to achieve a larger look as well as explain what colour to paint your fence. Read on to find out more.

Why Are Fence Paint Colours Important?

In addition to helping give the impression that a garden is bigger, painting your fence also provides your property with extra aesthetic benefits. 

Adding coloured paint to a fence, as opposed to maintaining the colour of the wood or material the fence is made from, will enhance the character of your space while also helping to complement your garden’s existing style and reflect your unique personality. 

The key step to making any space look bigger is to utilise bright colours. The brighter a space, the bigger it comes across to our eyes. In contrast, darker colours can make things seem a bit more claustrophobic and penned in.  

When wondering what is the best fence colour for a small garden, you should also bear in mind the space’s existing style and colour scheme to ensure it aligns.    

What Colour Fence Paint Makes A Garden Look Bigger?

There are a whole host of fence paint colours out there, so when considering the right option for you the choice can be a little difficult. 

With this in mind, we’ve provided a list of the best colour fences so you’re able to select an option that is most suitable for you.

Colours you should be considering when looking to make a garden bigger include:

Light Grey

While the colour doesn’t pop quite as vibrantly as some other options, light grey remains an excellent choice for anyone looking to make their garden look bigger.

This is because neutral colours are great at creating illusions of space, and light grey is particularly good at blurring the edges of your garden which makes it seem larger than it is.


Green is fantastic at making gardens seem larger as they reflect the natural light that gives the space a more inviting feel. As well as this, most gardens are likely to feature plants, grass and other greenery. 

By having green fences as well, it means the fences will blend into the background and not act as such solid borders, therefore making the space seem bigger. Just like with the light grey paint, green also blurs garden edges. 

In addition to these advantages, the colour green is also known to emit tranquil and relaxing vibes.    

Light Blue 

Light blue paint is excellent at creating a sense of openness and relaxation in your garden. This open feeling helps when creating the illusion of space, and you’ll be surprised just how effective this option is.

Furthermore, during the summer months when (hopefully) there are fewer clouds in the sky, the fact that your fence matches the sky blue colour will help blend your fences with the skyline – another effective technique for creating the impression of extra space. 

Similarly to the green paint we discussed above, light blue paint also helps make your garden’s atmosphere more calming and a relaxing place to spend time in.  


We’re not talking Barbie pink here, but when considering the best fence colour for a small garden soft, baby pink tones are also worth considering.

While it’s a slightly bolder option than what we’ve discussed previously in this article, light pink shades can also help make the space look much bigger than it is. 

When the sun sets in the evening, a soft pink fence colour can help to blur the boundaries of your garden enhancing this larger look further.  


We’ve already discussed the benefits of neutral tones when painting a fence, and cream is another neutral colour that is well worth considering. 

It is fantastic at promoting natural light, highlighting your garden’s plants and blurring the edges of your garden to make the entire garden look much more spacious. 

How To Paint A Garden Fence

Once you’ve decided on the best fence paint colours for your garden, you can get the painting underway.

By following the steps below, you can ensure your fences look fantastic and help your garden look bigger than it actually is. 

Clean The Fence

Start by giving your fence a clean. Remove any dirt or debris that may have formed on the surface using a brush as well as detergent mixed with warm soapy water. Once it has been thoroughly cleaned, allow the fence to dry before continuing on to the next steps.

Sand The Fence

Sometimes, fences may have rough spots or peeling paint, use some sandpaper to smooth the surface. This will help the paint adhere better to the surface.

Repair Damage 

If there is any damage on the fence take some time to fix it. Fill in any holes or cracks with wood filler and sand the repaired areas once dry. 


This is an optional step and depends on the type of wood your fence is made from. If your fence is made from porous wood or has never been painted before, applying a primer can help the paint adhere better and provide a more even finish. Always follow the instructions from the primer’s manufacturer.

Start Painting 

Use a paintbrush and begin painting your fence. Work from the top and work your way down the fence using long, even strokes. If you opt to use a paint sprayer, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and maintain a consistent distance to ensure the coat is even. 

If needed, you might need to apply multiple coats. 


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