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Types of Decking Suitable For British Weather

Imagine stepping out onto your newly installed decking on a crisp morning, only to find it’s already showing signs of wear from last week’s rain. Frustrating, isn’t it? We all know that the British weather is a unique blend of rain, fleeting sunshine, and chilly winters. It can be a decking’s worst enemy. But what if there was a decking material out there perfect for the unpredictability of British weather?

That’s why In this article, we’ll guide you through the maze of decking options, ensuring you make an informed choice. After all, a recent survey revealed that Londoners spend an average of £1,500 on decking repairs due to weather damage every three years. Let’s help you avoid being part of that statistic.

Factors to Consider

Decking Durability

In a busy home, decking not only has to withstand the elements but also the constant usage, after all, what’s the point in having it if you don’t use it? That’s where materials such as hardwoods like Teak and Ipe, or high-quality composites stand out. They Are renowned for their durability, ensuring the decking remains intact and functional for years, saving you money on maintenance and replacing it.

Moisture Resistances

Britain and the rain is probably the most obvious association to everyone who lives here. Thus, decking materials that can repel water and offer quick drying capabilities are paramount. Without proper moisture resistance, decks can become susceptible to mould, rot, and structural damage. Composite decking, with its blend of wood fibres and plastic, and pressure-treated softwoods is particularly adept at handling London’s rainy disposition.

UV Resistance

While glorious sunshine is a rarity in the UK, it does happen, that’s why your decking’s UV protection is still a crucial factor. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause fading, warping, or cracks in your decking materials. Opting for UV-resistant materials or finishes ensures the deck’s colour and structural integrity remain unaffected during those rare sunny spells.

Maintenance Needs

From rain to sun and back to rain again, decking materials that require minimal maintenance are a godsend. While some materials might need regular sealing or staining, others, like aluminium or certain composites, only require the occasional cleaning. It’s essential to weigh the maintenance needs against one’s availability and willingness to there upkeep.

Aesthetic Value

Cities and towns across the UK typically have a blend of historic charm and modern sophistication. Any decking you choose should not only be functional but also complement your home’s diverse architectural landscape. Whether it’s a Victorian townhouse or a contemporary new build, the decking material and design should enhance the property’s overall aesthetic, seamlessly blending with its surroundings.

Benefits of Consulting with Local Experts

When it comes to decking the amounts of options available and the infinite intricacies of each home necessitate a tailored approach. Local expertise can be invaluable in ensuring that your decking not only looks great but also stands the test of time. Here’s why consulting with local experts can make all the difference

The Advantages of Seeking Professional Advice

Whether you’re looking for professional decking installation in Liverpool, Birmingham or London, you’ll want to get your advice from proven professionals like PI Gardening. Professionals bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table and are well-versed with the different tricks of the trade, the challenges posed by weather and sourcing the best materials out there.

Moreover, professionals will be fully up to date with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices within the decking industry, ensuring that the advice you receive is both current and relevant.

Tailoring Decking Solutions to London’s Neighbourhoods

With the UK’s bustling cities a diverse range of neighbourhoods exist, each with its own character, charm, and microclimate. From the riverside areas prone to moisture and dampness to the urban settings that might require a modern touch, each neighbourhood presents its unique challenges and opportunities.

Local professionals have the knowledge to tailor decking solutions that cater to these specificities. Whether it’s choosing a moisture-resistant material for a home near the bodies of water or selecting a contemporary design for a trendy urbanised area, the local experts can provide bespoke solutions that align with the area’s needs and aesthetics.

Types of Decking

Each type of decking comes with its own unique set of characteristics and benefits to different temperatures and weather conditions. Let’s delve into the most suitable decking types for the varying climate and weather across the UK.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is a fusion of wooden fibres and plastic, offering a robust solution tailored for the UK unpredictable weather. Its synthetic composition ensures resistance to warping, rotting, and UV damage.

In addition, it’s coupled with moisture-resistant properties to make it an ideal choice for a country known for its rainy days.

Its natural appearance can complement various architectural styles, and with the right care, it can last for years, even in locations with more damp conditions.

Pressure-Treated Softwood Decking

Another choice for decking is pressure-treated softwood decking which undergoes a treatment process that enhances its resistance to moisture, rot, and insect infestation. It’s a cost-effective and durable choice which makes for a great choice is you desire a natural material. 

Hardwood Decking 

If you have opted for a natural material, hardwoods like Teak and LPE are perfect. The dense composition provides exceptional durability. With inherent resistance to moisture, rot, and insects, combined with their rich, natural hues, make them a premium choice for decking.

While they might be on the pricier side compared to softwoods, their longevity and timeless appeal often justify the investment, especially when installed by professionals.

Modified Wood Decking

If you’re limited by budget but still want the aesthetics of natural materials, modified wood could be the solution. This material undergoes specific treatments to boost its natural properties. This process enhances its resistance to moisture, UV damage, and wear and tear, making it a hybrid solution that combines the beauty of real wood with the resilience of synthetic materials. – It’s the perfect option for those seeking a natural look without the typical maintenance challenges.


Now we’ve underscored the importance of making informed choices when selecting the right decking material. We hope you’re confident in your decision-making. By prioritising durability, moisture resistance, and aesthetic appeal, homeowners can ensure their decks remain a cherished addition to their homes, come rain or shine. Making the right choice today will lead to years of outdoor enjoyment, regardless of the weather’s whims.


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