The different types of garden flower pots

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The Different Types of Garden Flower Pots

Garden flower pots play an important role in the design of gardens. They help create unique decor, improve plant growth and development, as well as being used for gardening in tight spaces. 

You can buy garden flower pots in the UK, both online or at a range of garden centres with various types of garden pots available. But knowing which is the best type for you is a different kettle of fish, that’s why we’ve put together this article.

The Different Types of Flower Pots

Clay Pots

Clay pots are a classic choice for gardeners. They are made of natural material, which allows the roots of plants to “breathe”, and have good moisture-wicking properties. However, they are quite heavy and can break if carried or dropped.

Plastic Pots

Plastic pots are a lightweight and inexpensive option. They are available in various shapes, sizes and colors and are easy to move around. However, plastic pots can overheat in the sun, which can adversely affect plants.

Wooden Pots

Wooden pots give the garden a natural and traditional look. They can be made from a variety of wood types including teak, cedar or oak. Wooden pots can last for many years if properly cared for.

Ceramic Pots

Ceramic pots are another popular option. They are available in a variety of designs and colors, making it easy to match any garden style. However, they are more fragile than other types of pots and require care when handling.

Composite Pots

These pots are made from a mixture of materials such as fiberglass, plastic, and clay to provide strength and lightweight. They also have excellent weather resistance and are available in a variety of styles.lyakh and designs.

Metal Pots

Metal pots add a modern or industrial look to your garden. They can be made from a variety of materials including aluminum, iron and steel and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, the metal can heat up in the sun and oxidize over time.

Concrete Pots

Concrete pots are a durable and weather resistant choice. They have a natural, earthy appearance and can support heavy plants. However, they are quite heavy and may require more effort to move.

Vertical Pots and Cabinets

These pots and pedestals are specifically designed for creating vertical gardens. They are ideal for small spaces such as balconies or small yards and allow you to grow a large number of plants in a relatively small space.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a garden flower pot?

Water Permeability

A flower pot is a must – a must! – there should be a drainage hole, but simply a hole at the bottom. Without it, the water at the bottom of the pot will stagnate, and the roots will rot. If you bought a pot without a hole, then this is not a pot, but a planter – the planter has only a decorative function, they put an ordinary flower pot in it. But plants are not planted directly in pots – this is a mistake.

Yes, a pot with holes should have a saucer! Pots with special devices for watering from the bottom are also a good choice.


Yes, the roots need to breathe too. Ceramic pots without enamel and coatings are best breathable. The most surprising thing is that these pots are the most budgetary of ceramics.

The problem of respiration of the roots is solved if the pot is not ceramic, but low with multiple large drainage holes at the bottom. Holes are especially important if you do not lay expanded clay drainage on the bottom of the pot.

Low Thermal Conductivity

Imagine that your flower pot is in the sun. Or vice versa in a draft. If the pot holds heat well, then the roots, which are especially sensitive to temperature, will not freeze or overheat. It is especially important that there will be no sudden temperature fluctuations. Of course, ceramics and porous materials have priority here.

Pot Colour

It would seem, where is the colour? This is rarely noticed. Keep in mind that dark pots get very hot in the sun, especially plastic ones. Transparent, by the way, too – they should generally be used only for orchids. In order not to boil the roots in the summer sun, I wrap dark and transparent pots in foil. For some reason, plastic pots are rarely white.

Choosing a garden flowerpot ultimately depends on your personal preferences, the type of plants you want to grow and the conditions of your garden. It is important to consider the material of the pot, its size, shape, design and weather resistance. Regardless of the choice, the right pot will help your plants thrive and transform your garden into a unique and inviting space.


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