The best tent for a wedding

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The Best Tent For A Wedding

An often-overlooked factor of any wedding, let alone event is the tent. This is a must for any wedding taking place outdoors as the weather can be a fickle mistress. The choice is not about simply putting up a structure, covering it, and calling it a job done. When you are already looking to make your wedding that special day you’ve dreamed of taking care to choose the right style and size can be important in realising those ambitions.

Do You Need A Tent?

Wedding planning can be a stressful affair so before grey hairs are created over the tent, it is important to determine if you need one or not. This is ultimately determined by weather considerations and whether your special day will be happening outdoors.

The rule of thumb is if you are going to have your event outside, or parts of the event outside, you will need a tent. Other considerations also require a tent, often the band will need some form of tent to protect instruments and sound equipment from the sun’s glaring rays. Caters may also require some form of protection from the environment to keep food from spoiling.

Choosing the Right Tent Company

You’ve determined that you need a tent, and you want the tent to be as much of your love story as the initial proposal, now comes choosing what type of tent you want. More importantly, the company that will provide your chosen tent needs to be chosen with care. If you are debating between a sailcloth tent and a frame tent, first look at companies and what they can provide.

To find the right company begin by asking friends, family, and perhaps most importantly your wedding planner to point you in the right direction. Once you have a few potential companies that seem to meet your requirements it does not hurt to ask them questions. Questions related to whether they are familiar with the venue, if they can provide the equipment your demands need, and if they have enough staff to keep things moving in the right direction are all valid.

A great company will take all variables into account when you are renting a tent. They will perform on-site inspections to make sure the space is sufficient and if any inclines need to be dealt with. These inspections also perform a variety of other functions like making sure the ground is suitable for the tent type selected and that there are no overhanging obstructions like power lines or branches that could be considered a safety hazard. Contacting a company like Qtents can be an asset when planning your perfect wedding.

Sailcloth Tents

To conclude, there are several tent types to choose from, and detailing them all here would be akin to filling a textbook. This article will focus on sailcloth tents. They offer excellent weather protection, modularity for design purposes, and flexibility when it comes to interior design. This makes such a tent a perfect choice for a variety of applications being both beautiful on the inside due to the ability to add your interior design flair and their classic look from the outside. It is important to remember that sailcloth tents utilise poles for structure and require ground suitable for stakes to be put in.


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