The benefits of a garden pergola

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The Benefits of a Garden Pergola

Your garden can be a place of true wonder; a place to relax, enjoy nature or even entertain your close family and friends. If that sounds like something you’re lacking in your life then a pergola may be just the thing you’re looking for. A pergola is a definitive statement in the garden and often gives a mediterranean feel of living. It can act as a feature in any garden and act as a tie between different areas. Regardless of why you’re thinking about getting a pergola it will ultimately become the hub of any garden, creating a beautiful place for you and your family to sit and soak up the glory of nature. It’s unique charm will improve the quality of life for any garden lover.

A Pergola is a simple, and often, independent structure. Usually it may look like an unfinished structure typically built with vertical columns and beams and allow air, rain and sunlight to pass through the structure to the ground below, but can be enhanced with lattice frame work around the sides. It allows for a very specific spot in the garden that you can dedicate to yourself and 

The benefits of a pergola are plentiful so we’re running through a few in this article:

A Definitive Garden Space

Firstly, Pergola looks excellent. These garden additions can be both an independent area or an extension of the house. Depending upon your lifestyle it can be used as an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor living space or a separate beautiful green garden. It’s versatility is only limited by your imagination but whatever you decide to use your pergola for, it will absolutely be an extension of you in a defined space.

An Express of Garden Style

The Pergola can also be a stylish space. You can decorate with curtains, bringing more shadows and protecting the pergola area from direct sunlight. Or you can install a glass pergola to make it an independent functional space and add furniture to make it a more comfortable panoramic dining or resting space. In the end it has to marry form to function. You’ll need to carefully consider what you’re using it for and then put your own mark on it through it’s style. 

Added Privacy

Nosey neighbours can be a nightmare, unless you’re fortunate enough not to have them. If you do, then a pergola in the garden, especially if built and adorned correctly can create a very private garden space. Whether you add drapes and curtains or create a plant and flower wall, you’ll be able to relax without the watchful eyes of prying neighbours.

Added Property Value

Not only can a pergola improve the appearance of your garden, but it will also add value to your family’s life and your property price. If you plan to sell your property in the future, a Pergola that affords its home owners a private space to enjoy the breeze and sunshine will stand out from other properties, susequently increasing the value of your property and the desires of any potential buyers.


Typicallly Pergolas have always been wooden structures, naturally wood requires frequent maintenance and treatment after several years. Nowadays pergolas can be built with wood grain effect aluminium. Instead of timber post, aluminium pergola frames are made of aluminium battens. This allows the pergola to be a single one off investment that won’t require maintenance over the years as the material it’s made of does not deteriorate. Keeping the Pergola in optimal condition of strength and appearance forever. 

Another benefit of Aluminium Pergolas is that of it’s range of variants. You can allow for different designs, wood grains, colours and tube material sizes. Essentially allow you to fully customise your pergola right down to the bolts and nuts.

Easy Installation

Pergolas are a perfect project if you’re a massive DIY enthusiast. Both wooden and aluminium pergolas are easy to install. In terms of wooden ones, you’ll often be able to secure a pergola kit. It comes with pre-cut wood and all the necessary fixtures and fittings. Or if you want to leave it to the pergola-building experts, check out Trueline. They have different pergola designs and sizes to fit your needs.

If you’re thinking about an aluminium pergola, great – these too are easy to install, perhaps slightly easier as you won’t have to worry about the timber bowing and typically come with instructions. Further to that aluminium pergolas come with an additional choice of greater control. You’ll be able to choose the shape, whether it’s square, rectangular or circle. You’ll also be able to choose from varying sizes making a pergola suitable for both small and large gardens.

Regardless of which route you go down, the most difficult things you’ll need to ensure you have are the right power tools, assistance getting the posts and rafter up and people to share it with.


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