Spruce up your garden for outdoor summer fun

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Spruce Up Your Garden for Outdoor Summer Fun

Summertime means your backyard will transform from Winter Wasteland to Outdoor Party Central. But, before you can break out the barbecue grill and volleyball net, you have to repair the damage done to your yard by a long, unforgiving winter. Nobody wants to spend time in a patchy, sparse lawn. Check out these few simple things you can do to improve your garden and get it party-ready. Caring for the grass, cleaning your poolside patio and planting flowers can make all the difference!

Proper Lawn Care

Nobody enjoys a lawn that’s overgrown with dried grass and weeds. Spruce up your yard by taking a few simple steps so the lawn looks lush and beautiful:

  • Remove thatch from your grass by raking up dead leaves, removing trash and pulling weeds with roots from the ground.
  • Fertilise and water your lawn thoroughly. Don’t just give it a brief sprinkling, unless your area has received a lot of rain. Fertilise your grass twice a year in the fall and spring and consider visiting a sod store for expert advice and quality products, so you don’t miss anything.
  • Fix bare spots along your lawn by tilling the ground and evenly spreading grass seeds. Add fertilizer and water normally for grass shoots to grow optimally.
  • Mow your lawn without whacking off too much of the grass shoots. Never cut off more than 1/3 of the grass height or you’ll stunt grass growth. During the warmer summer months, cut your grass a little longer to keep the soil moist and shaded from the sun.
  • Have a designated area where your pets can relieve themselves during potty breaks. Clean up after dogs immediately to avoid killing off grass shoots and creating bare patches of lawn.

Once your grass looks great, check the rest of your yard for home improvement projects that will accent its beauty. Fix and paint fences surrounding your property. Create rock borders and replace broken lawn decorations with new ones. Set pavers down for decorative walkways across your lawn so guests can take in the beauty of flower gardens and other landscaping wonders.

Brighten Up Your Garden with Flowers

You don’t have to have a green thumb to add a bit of colour to your drab yard. Purchase your favourite flowers that require little care so you can spend less time gardening and more time enjoying your yard.

  • Fill window planters with flowers or place planters on decorative stakes throughout your yard.
  • Weed and fertilize the flowerbeds along your house. Line decorative stones around the flowerbeds as a boundary line so you know where to mow and where not to mow, as well as keep wood chips from spreading into the rest of your yard.
  • If you suffer from allergies, substitute flowers for herbs in the flower boxes and planters. Fresh herbs will be a delight to the entire family when added to your favorite meals.

Give Your Lawn a Little Love

It may seem like a lot of work, but the rewards of having a great yard far outweigh the few hours spent sprucing it up. Even if you just do a few home improvements such as mowing the grass and painting the mailbox, giving your home a little curb appeal will make you want to relax and enjoy your yard more. And once you have a beautiful yard, invite your friends over to have great outdoor parties.

Change your Garden Furniture

Now you’re getting ready for party mode, the next step is to make sure your Garden Furniture is up for the challenge. You’ll need enough seating and possibly a little more for all your guests, you don’t want everyone having to stand to eat after all.

If you know you current garden furniture is good just go simply give them all a clean beforehand. If you’re lacking in the garden furniture department it’s time to invest, as you may be throwing more garden parties later on.

Creating the Perfect Ambiance

We all know that the best parties can last all day and well into the night. If that’s the case for you then you’ll have to consider what happens when the sun goes down and the temperature turns a little chilly.

That’s where Outdoor Fireplaces take centre stage. Not only will they provide much needed heat and comfort to your guest but they can also as a glorious centrepiece, creating a perfect ambience for those late night chats and laughs that’ll make your party memorable.

There are many different types of outdoor fireplaces, from outdoor gas fireplaces to bio ethanol fires. Fireplaces aren’t like they used to be and can come with a contemporary and modern feel. With styles, makes and models to suit all your taste and needs.


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