Inspiring ways to add rocks and boulders to your garden

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Inspiring Ways to Add Rocks and Boulders to Your Garden

Landscaping with rocks and boulders gives your garden character and appeal. It’s cost-effective, low-maintenance and provides ample versatility, allowing you to create almost any desired look.

Of course, with so many options, planning your hardscape design is essential. Too much can overpower other garden features and end up cluttering the whole space.

The beauty of rocks and boulders is that they come in various shapes, sizes, colours and materials you can mix and match. This make’s a an easy way to enhance your property’s aesthetics and transform outdoor living with natural elements in a variety of ways.

Hardscape Garden Beds

Gardening is a beloved pastime in the United Kingdom. The temperate climate is ideal for plant growth despite the wet, cool weather. As such, it’s little wonder 76% of the English have access to private gardens, with another 79% spending time in it once weekly.

Although fresh mulch is a popular filler for garden beds, homeowners could consider swapping it out for rocks. Hardscaping projects do not require annual replacement, unlike mulch, which fades seasonally.

Rocks hold onto their colour and stay clean naturally in the rain. Also, dry-climate plants prefer stone ground coverage, as mulch traps humidity, resulting in root rot. Rocks also improve drainage, which is crucial for preserving plant health during the U.K.’s rainiest season.

Create a Border

Another popular option is to create a border to contain your lawn and plants this will give your landscaping a more structured look.

Your border rocks could be small or medium-sized – not quite as large as a boulder. You might also mix various sizes for a charming, cottage-like appearance. Alternatively, bricks and pavers are other options for a clean perimeter around garden beds or between hard surfaces and grass.

Build a Retaining Wall

If you’re gardens sloped then a retaining wall can even it out aesthetically. Rock walls, also known as retaining walls, deliver more room for landscape designs while ensuring less erosion and more stability.

You can also apply shotcrete when creating your retaining wall. Shotcrete is malleable concrete you can sculpt before drying, giving it a more natural appearance, another option is to build a barrier using reinforced blocks.

Lay Stepping Stones

A great feature to incorporate into your garden’s design is stepping stones. Flat flagstones make the best stepping stones for your space, providing solid ground to avoid muddy shoes. Add them as a walkway leading towards focal points, entrances to and from the garden or through a garden bed for easy passage – Decomposed granite is a slip-free option, making walking on them in the usual rainy weather safe.

Stepping stones are perfect if you’re going for the cottage aesthetic, adding charm to your property and are also efficient at managing weed growth.

Edge a Backyard Pond

If you’re lucky enough to have a pond you want to emphasis that focal point. Homeowners with a small pond or other water features could look to introduce rocks and boulders to their landscaping. You can surround your pond’s perimeter with small stones or stack them to create a natural slope to create a nice divide from other elements in your garden. 

If you don’t have one, you could even construct a small waterfall using rocks to accompany your pond. The trickling water will turn your backyard into a relaxing oasis which is massively beneficial to those living with mental health conditions in urban environments as living near water can reduce the effects by 4%-6%.

Construct a Fire Pit

Another growing trend in the UK is an outdoor firepit. It stems from homeowners adaptation to the pandemic as people hunkered down and spent more time in their yards creating a greater interest in outdoor projects. Coupled with drier summers a greater appreciation for our gardens, landscaping with rocks and boulders for enhanced outdoor living is here to stay. 

Homeowners have several material options for their fire pit, including concrete pavers, brick and stone or could go for a more contemporary, square-edge fire pit wall or rustic style.

Helpful Tips for Landscaping With Rocks and Boulders

If you’re new to landscaping with rocks and boulders, you may want to consider these helpful tips to execute your design:

  • Determine the correct placement of rocks and stones before laying them down. Will they be the focal point in your garden or serve as an accent?
  • Consider how the different textures, colours and sizes will look every season to select suitable materials. 
  • Start with smaller rocks and work toward including larger ones if you’re unsure about your ideal landscape design.
  • Stick to one or two rock materials for a more natural look in your yard.

Additionally, those on a budget should visit a builder’s merchant to see what they can afford, its availability and whether the materials match elements you currently have at home.

Take Your Outdoor Space to the Next Level With Natural Elements

Adding rocks and boulders to your yard is the perfect outdoor project for those who enjoy being in nature. You will be much happier in your space with a landscape design you can be proud of. Experiment with different materials and looks to find the best hardscaping materials and plans for your property.


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