Improving your home’s external aesthetics

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Improving Your Home’s External Aesthetics

When you bought your house, it was probably your first step onto the property ladder.  An affordable rather than perfect property.  Now, you might feel as though it’s time to take the next step on the ladder.  Or perhaps plans have changed and you would like to stay put.

Either way, it may be time to start thinking about improving your home’s external aesthetics and start adding some kerb appeal.  Whether you’re wishing to make your house appeal to buyers or planning to turn it into a permanent home for your family, there are improvements you can make.

So, what should you consider to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal?

The exterior

There are three big areas that you should concentrate your efforts on when improving your property’s external aesthetics: the walls, the roof, and the windows.  These are the most noticeable elements, so it would be wise to make sure these are all up-to-scratch.

It will depend on the type of house you own, but there is much you can do to make sure your walls aren’t letting your home down.  Take a look at any brickwork.  Is the mortar in a reasonable condition?  If not, repointing will be required, not only prevent problems with damp but to improve your home’s appearance.  

If the brickwork is in a poor state, perhaps you might want to consider rendering your property to give it a fresh new look.  Modern render techniques mean that you can now opt for a smooth render to completely transform the exterior of your home.  You will need to make sure that your home is suitable of course, and be sure to check house rendering prices before starting any work as it will be a big investment.

Secondly, but no less importantly, you should make sure that your roof is in good condition.  If it looks as though it needs a bit of work, get a professional to check it over.  Don’t forget to check chimneys, gutters, and fascia boards.

Windows and doors are the final element to think about carefully.  Many of our home’s have mismatched windows as we have replaced them over time rather than all at once.  Make sure that you choose windows and doors that suit the age of your property and add to the overall appearance.

The garden

The outside space surrounding your home is as important as the building itself.  Spending a bit of time making the most of whatever space you have is a good idea.

If you don’t currently have off-street parking, but there is room to create some, then this is a worthwhile project to undertake.  Don’t be tempted to just lay a bit of concrete down, think about how you can landscape the area so that it boosts the appeal of your home.  

Other, easier improvements to consider, include hiding bins out of sight, fixing broken fence panels, creating window boxes, and adding an outside light.

The rear of the house

The front of your home may be looking inviting and well-maintained, but what about the back?  The rear of your home is also worth consideration.  

There is a growing trend towards blending our outside spaces with the indoors.  So, it may be advantageous to make some improvements to help bring the outside in.

Why not consider a small extension, utilising natural light with picture windows and roof lights?  Or perhaps adding a traditional conservatory or orangery?  Failing that, bifold doors or French doors are useful improvements.  The money and space you have available will determine how big a change you make, but even a small improvement such as adding doors, will increase value and appeal.


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